Is having a stable job good or bad?

Since I graduated, there is a question that keeps bothering me, Is having a stable job better or having an unstable job better? In the end, I come to the conclusion: What kind of job you want depends on what kind of life you want.

When it comes to a stable job, the first thing many people think of is civil servants, those “stable jobs” that the older generation recommends. Are these jobs good enough for you?

Stable Jobs

  • Teachers
  • Employees at major industries
  • Researchers
  • Civil Servants
  • Medical Industry
  • Financial Industry

Looking at the list, there are more “stable jobs” than we imagined. Are there any jobs that you like from the list? Are there any jobs that your parents insist you to be?

But what is the embodiment of “stability”?


A job that can do for a lifetime

A stable job basically exists in the public basic industries, such as education, health care, government and so on. These industries are less affected by the market, society, whether in the country’s difficulties or stages of development, are inseparable from the basic industry.

Therefore, these industries will always be there, and there is a mature promotion system, as long as you willing to do, you can do it for a lifetime.

Working hours and income are relatively stable

“Nine to five” or “eight to six” working hours, basically will not arrears of wages, might not make a fortune, but enough to feed the family. Don’t have to worry too much about work after working hours; It is not too hard to take leave of absence. Working hours, salary and benefits remain largely stable and have more energy to invest in hobbies.

Will not easily get fired

Most of the stable jobs are “compiled”, one person, one position, although each position will have a corresponding assessment system, but it is rare to be fired because failed the assessment, unless a disciplinary error has been made.


When it comes to “unstable jobs”, most people will especially refer to the financial industry, the Internet industry, larger volatility in the market, if economic depression, will affect these companies and many people will lose their jobs.

Traditional manufacturing

Traditional industries have been hit heavily in the development of a new era, and in many emerging industries, just one is enough to replace traditional industries. For traditional industry without innovation, many have gone out of business.

Finance, Real estate industry

The financial industry will continue to rise and fall, but will not be completely be eliminated, during the economic rise, many people poured in, made a lot of money, during the economic decline, many people passively lost their jobs, resulting in a lot of losses.

Internet industry

The Internet industry uses more on concepts, not necessarily physical products, including a variety of industries, or the transformation of some traditional industries. When the Internet industry just sprung up, it is the dividend period, whoever goes in early can make a lot of money, so a large number of people are pouring in. But now, the dividend period has passed, began to reshuffle, some of the concepts that have no competitiveness or not accepted by the public are slowly beginning to be eliminated, many people are also passively unemployed.

So what kind of mentality should we use to look at the profession?

Use the right mindset to look at “stability”

You need to know that a stable job is just the stability of the job itself, not the stability of our work, study and living conditions. The stable job also needs to be taken seriously, need to be careful, need to forge ahead.

Describe the vision first, then choose the job

Figure out what kind of life you want to live, and then choose what kind of job you want to do.

There is no good or bad job, only suitable or not suitable. If you like slow-paced life, like to cycle around after work, like to write and draw outside, like to spend a lot of time immersed in the family, choose a stable job is really good, can experience more happiness.

If you like fast-paced life, like full of challenges, like to constantly surpass yourself, like to put enthusiasm and energy into the cause of people, choose a less stable job to stimulate your potential, so that you can appreciate the satisfaction.

A stable job is not bad; an unstable job, is also not bad. The focus is on what kind of life you want and what kind of life you like.