Instead of complaining, it is better to let go

Complaining, is the beginning of the loss of fighting spirit, is the source of the hatred, and also the bane of painful hard work.

People who always pay attention to the good things in life, their days will become better; people who always complain about the imperfection of life, their days will naturally fall into the road full of roadblocks.

Instead of complaining all day, it is better to learn to let go, the heart without grudges, life can accumulate blessing.


Complaining is the worst habit you should develop.

“Occasionally complaining about life may be some kind of emotional catharsis and it is acceptable, but habitually using complaints to solve everything, is not a smart move.”

A person who treats complaints as a habit is most likely to be isolated and abandoned by the world, because the beautiful scenery is not worthy of his/her picky, and no how forgiving a friend is, no one can bear that hostility.

Complaining is much like a contagious, malignant virus that harms both yourself and others.

People who have the complain addiction always show their ugliest and most vulnerable side to others, and over time, the people around them will inevitably become infected with the complaining problem.

A lot of things, the more you complain, the worse it will become, and a lot of regrets, the more you complain, the more you feel remorseful.

Complaining is like a catalyst for negative energy, not only cannot solve any problem, but also make everything mistier.

When complaint becomes a habit, it is like using seawater to quench your thirst, the more you drink, the more thirsty you are.

Those who always complain that they are less fortunate than others are, in fact, is an effort to live on their own.

Those who always complain about the environment and the encounter, in fact, what they should complain is that they do not understand themselves.

Don’t make a habit of complaining. Life is like a mirror, and when you complain endlessly about life, life is bound to hit back at you with a frowning face. Only by stop complaining and laughing at life, your good luck will really begin.


Learn to let go and learn to be open-minded

Those who complain, their pain is not much unique, nothing more than “not able to get want they want, and lose what they had”.

Everyone will have regret, will make mistakes, but they think God is making harder for them.

To complain is to be dissatisfied with what has happened. People who love to complain, always refuse to accept all kinds of results, they do not have the courage to change the status quo, let alone decisively put down the open-minded.

To let go does not mean compromise, but after recognizing all the truths of life, there is still a love of life and a belief in moving forward.

In life, people will encounter changes and misunderstandings, we need to accept our own imperfections and other people’s defects, and also bear the results of no return after hard work …

If you do not learn to let the twists and turns of life go, complain about everything, the road ahead will get more and more difficult.

If you don’t want to complain, you must know that you cannot expect much before you do your best, and do not force after this, and if you don’t want to complain, you must learn to look at the sudden and lose in your life with a good attitude, and learn to let go of the misfortunes of the past and lighten up before you can take further.


One less complaint, extra relief

“If you love, life is lovely everywhere, if you hate, life is hateful everywhere… It’s not that the world has chosen you, it’s that you’ve chosen the world. Since there is no pure land, it is better to clean your heart;”

What is your heart like, will affect how you see the world.

If you are grateful, the world is worth admiring everywhere, and if you are filled with resentment in your heart, there is nothing in the world that will satisfy you.

Put down the complain, and relieve, life will be bright, your body and mind can be comfortable.

Pursue what you want and do your best, if you can’t get it, simply let it go, the meaning of life is clean and pure, why hold on to that small thing and keep complaining.

Resentment and pain will only hurt yourself after they piled up, even if you share it out, no one can really empathize you or help you.

The best way is to take it out from your heart, put it down, face everything with a relieved attitude, accept everything, and you will find that life is not so abominable.

One less complaint, extra relief, complaining too much will crush your body, learn to let go to get the relief.

“Don’t complain that summer is too hot and winter is too cold because you’ll miss winter in the summer and miss the summer in winter.”

Do not complain about the thing that you can’t change, because complaining about it will not change anything, it is better to accept, it is best to let go. In exchange for a more peaceful, more inclusive attitude to look at what happened, you will see a lot of unexpected good things in life.