Influence is leadership, master these methods, and you can increase your influence

In life and in the workplace, there are people who can easily influence others. The suggestions they put forward are easy to adopt, and what they say is easy to hear. And some people, always forgotten in the corner, almost no sense of existence.

I believe you want to be the one who is influential, too.

So how can you increase your influence? The book “Influencer” gives us the answer.

The author of “Influencer” is a team, by reading more than 17,000 related articles, closely observes the behavior of influential people and finally discovers the general pattern in this context. Fortunately, by learning accordingly, you can also master these principles and techniques that can make lasting differences, and quickly increase your influence.

The secret of the pro’s influence others lies in the combination of six sources of influence, which are personal motivation, personal ability, social motivation, social ability, system motivation, and system ability.

Personal motivation

Personal motivation can be also explained as the will of an individual.

Many people have this experience: Determined to finish reading a book, the next second addicted and fall into the world of the game; These “wrong” behaviors are more fascinating than the right goals because they give us a quick pleasure.

So how can we increase our personal motivation and move us toward our goals? The book offers four ways: let others make choices, create direct experiences, impress people with stories, and turn hardship into a game.

Let others make choices, inspire others’ autonomy, create direct experiences and have fun in practice, impress people with stories and resonate with emotions, and turn the pain into a game that you can’t.

Personal ability

Personal ability is the influence at the individual level, the size of the individual’s ability, directly related to whether the goal can be achieved.

For example, a person who doesn’t know about blogging, if he sets the goal of writing a hundred thousand articles on the first day, it’s obviously hard to achieve. When you set goals, you can combine your personal realities.

Research has shown that clear, compelling and challenging goals motivate people to achieve them. Set reasonable goals, then split the big goals into small goals one by one, and finally break through one by one.

Master these methods can help you improve your influence


Social motivation

Social motivation is the influence at the social level, the support of people around us, which have a great impact on us.

For example, in order to exercise, you join a morning running group. If the people in the group are very self-disciplined, will run on time and morning every day, under their influence, I believe you will stick to it longer. For example, a child living in a slum would be less likely to fall in love with studies if he faced a group of peers who dropped out and fought every day.

Use social motivation to create a good atmosphere, use the strength of the group to shape the individual.

Social ability

Social ability is still an influence at the social level, and social ability can be understood as supporting and helping others.

At KIPP schools in the United States, for example, student dropout rates were high. The teacher will go to the student’s home for a home visit. When the home visit is over, the teacher will leave their own number, and tell them that they encounter learning problems, can directly dial this number. With the help of the teacher, the students’ enthusiasm for learning has been greatly enhanced.

Harnessing social ability can empower those who need it to further achieve their goals.

System ability

System ability is a system influence that can be understood as the impact of the environment on others.

For example, bright light, quiet office, etc., can help us get into work. And the noisy environment will affect our productivity. Whether you work or study, you need to create a good environment.

When utilizing system ability, consider whether the environment is promoting or hindering others, and then take appropriate measures.

System Motivation

System motivation is also system-level influences, using rewards and punishments.

When rewards happen to be the needs of others, they work well. Some companies offer interesting rewards, such as giving their employees a reward card, and the person who gets the card can earn extra bonus every month. And the use of punishment can inhibit the emergence of bad behavior.

These are six sources of influence, in real life, the use of four or more ways, can increase your influence.

The book “Influencer” also provides other ways to influence others, the methods are scientifically proven and effective. Influence is leadership, and influential people can quickly use the power of others to achieve greater success!