If you knew the results, will you still choose to start?

This question has been discussed by many people before.

For example, when you just started working, you know that after five years you will leave your job, will you still accept this offer? For example, this project will certainly fail, will you still choose to invest in it, overtime every day to the early hours of the morning?

You know you are going to die tomorrow, will you still do what you are doing now?

This is actually kind of like a pseudo-problem.

After all, no one can predict the future, and no one knows what the real result is.

Moreover, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.

In fact, it is nothing more than the relationship between result and process.

Some people focus on the results. If they already know the results, then, if the result is bad for them, they will certainly choose not to start. Wasting time and energy, entangled in a problem that clearly knows the outcome, is not the choice of utilitarianism.

Some people focus on the process. Live in the moment, care about every step taken, and constantly putting efforts, even if the results are bad, there are no regrets. Life has ups and downs, there are all kinds of missed.

If you know the result and don’t take the step, who knows, maybe the result will eventually change.


There was a question I found online: “I’m not sure about the result, don’t know whether it is good or bad to start, so should I start?”

One answer that caught my eyes: “If do nothing just because not sure about the results, then the human race will not be on the moon, Einstein will not find the theory of relativity, technology will not be developed, a lot of things will not happen, everything will be stuck in the original appearance.”

Although this question is not exactly the same as knowing the result, it will not be exactly different. But there are also some similarities.

The results are not necessarily fixed.

Everything is changing, and change is the only constant. It’s like the fate we like to discuss. If according to the fortune teller, where John will get rich, there is no need to work hard, do nothing, until the end of his life.

But the fact is that John is actively doing good, his fate has undergone a huge transformation, not only he worked hard, he is also trying to live his best life.

The constant accumulation and persistence, changes will happen.

Only by water drips through, quantitative to qualitative, will help us see the world composed of elements, the rearrangement of elements is fully achievable. Break the rules, use this as a pry point, even if the seemingly irrelevant things, there is always a regular rule to follow. With the help of law, change thinking, firmly go on, everything is possible.

How the outcome is not so important at this point, but it is often surprising to find that it has really changed.

So, even if you know the result, you will still need to try hard.

Every day after we were born, we were approaching closer to death, and the result was obvious.

So in the course of this life, how to let oneself have no regrets, be calm, go wherever you want before the end. We should think well, we need to constantly muster our courage, mutual encouragement, firmly moving forward.

Every step counts.

Entanglement, confusion, the accumulation of courage, tenacity, will be transformed into experiences, growth, leap into wisdom, open-minded.

All the difficulties and obstacles are embellished. Although we will always slack off and forget why we first started.

But as long as you remember what the ultimate goal is, even if it is hard, you will able to go through.