If you feel like you are suffering, I advise you not to look too high

Some people say that we should set up great ideals for ourselves so that we can continue to move towards it, and finally getting closer to it.

This sentence at first glance, there is nothing wrong with it, even rather inspirational, but it is not that applicable in real life.

We always feel that we are better than others, but never achieve anything successfully. Like this, want to do that, in the end, know a little of everything, but good at nothing. Feels like has a sense of achievement that already master the secret, but still working under the pressure of your employer that you call silly behind his back.

The internet always brings falsehood. Thought that after reading something, you will get all the skills; Thought that after watching two videos can make all sorts of delicacies.

But don’t know that life is a process of repeatedly testing, testing back and forth, and the final accidental is not necessarily a successful process.

We are often deceived by this illusion and feel that we have a lot of skills to develop. So we study hard. Learn Python today intends to be a programmer; learn videography tomorrow to be a vlogger. The day after tomorrow, seeing others doing great in e-commerce, started to open an e-commerce shop.

There are business opportunities everywhere, and even switching on your phone is an opportunity. Then there were multiple attempts, but in the end, there was no doubt that they all failed.


We’re like a racing game, driving the original model given by the game, crashing across different lanes. The difference is that this game has no map and no time. No one knows where the end is.

Humans are always full of curiosity, constantly spying the life that we can’t reach.

I have a friend who always talks about how she envies when she saw her friend who lives in Japan sharing photos on social media. Of course, we know that this understanding is only mutual friends, mutual understanding only stay in each other’s visible, on social media.

Even if sometimes we know it’s fake, we can’t help but envy it.

It’s not that our pursuit of goodness is unrealistic, but that we sometimes step into the real world, but always hide and retreat. We know that people are tired and want to dream all the time. So we were trapped in that spot by the invisible rope, like an anxious and irritable beast.

If often because the goal is out of reach and frustrated, it is better to set yourself a few small goals that can be achieved practically, after all, we are all ordinary people.

To admit your own ordinary, down-to-earth efforts can protect yourself better compared to those people who run straight.

Life is neither long nor short, isn’t it better if we can be a bit happier?