If you feel annoyed and want to resign, and you don’t have any money, you can do these things

“If I have a low monthly salary, annoyed to go to work every day, I want to resign. What can I do?”

Some people will simply say: “I want to resign, can’t stand it anymore, I do not believe that my life will be this poor …”

Complaining about life is something that everyone will do, but resign to start a business, not anyone will do it. You are so annoyed, perhaps you are not satisfied with your job, perhaps low income, perhaps you have a desire, or you are just tired …

Of course, when facing life opportunities, everyone should have a “try” ideas and actions, you do not try, how do you know you will not succeed? If there is never action, what is the use of any more ideas? One action is better than ten thousand ideas.

Look at the people around you, how many people are complaining? How many of them are muddling along? How many people are still gasping for breath? All said, if you are able to get through it and you’ll win. But only a few people who can really get through it, and many people, in the end, can’t make it.

If you’re annoyed and want to quit and you don’t have any money, perhaps you should adjust your ingress mentality, which is the most important. You have to believe that the mentality determines fate.

First thing: Go to the following places and have a walk to see the other side of society.

You should go to the hospital. People in hospitals will cherish life more, will understand the meaning of life better. If you lose your health, what do you have to fight for? In a hospital, you will also see those who are penniless, can’t afford to pay their medical expenses, can only leave in tears, or beg others to borrow. You will also see some positive people, they are fighting disease, change themselves to pursue the good in life.

You should go to the night market for a walk. When you think the night is quiet, everyone is having a good rest, and there are people working hard to make money. If it wasn’t for making money, who would want to make money in the street in the middle of the night? 

You should go to the station for a walk, where people are always coming and going, and there are people waiting for the bus at night. Many people, drifting in other countries, every day miss home. You envy the people in the big cities, they may still envy your life. Money more or less, every kind of work is fine, there are disadvantages, after working for a long time, getting annoyed is unavoidable.

You can also go under the bridge to see the people at the bottom of society, go under the bridge to see the life of beggars; talk with your parents about your future plans, understand the lives of poor families … Different life scenes will change your mind, will make you try to understand society.

If you feel annoyed and want to resign, and you don't have any money, you can do these things


Second thing: talk to some entrepreneurs and learn more about their lives.

A person, without money, not satisfied with the work, then resigned, what to do next? Most people will choose to start a business, then what you should pay attention to when it comes to entrepreneurship, how to get success, you can’t just listen and follow what others said. Go talk to some entrepreneurs and you’ll learn more about the hardship of starting a business, and you’ll experience their lives.

Talk to those who failed a starting a business, see what their emotions are, are they having debt until now, and will they never start again; You can experience a different life if you talk to someone who is starting a business.

When you learn more about the life of an entrepreneur, you will see your life after you resign. The adult world is never “easy”, the world of entrepreneurs has always been “difficult.” When you see a lot of bright-looking people, envious of their casual lymmes, you should think that it is not easy for them to make money. A different perspective of life, see your “real life” after resignation, perhaps you might not want to resign anymore, perhaps you are more firm to resign for the idea of entrepreneurship.

Third thing: learn to see yourself and find the “lever” of life.

Archimedes said: “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.” 

After you resigned, where is the lever of your life? Do you have a skill, do you have a way to borrow money, do you have a reliable partner, how much help can your family give you?

Many people, after resigning, find themselves lost their “position”, even lost the opportunity to borrow money, relatives and friends will slowly alienate you, afraid of you asking for money. This society is very realistic, you have a “position”, even if your salary is not high, you can get the minimum respect, if you are just an entrepreneur, no one knows you, then you have to be ready to start fresh, work harder than ordinary people to have a chance to succeed.

Everyone has their shortcomings and merits, everyone has their own advantages, but if your advantage is not very special, can you change your fate with it, you can have a new stage in life. These all need to be considered. Many people, mistakenly think that “platform” is the ability, that is to overestimate their own;

If you have the “lever” of life, then you can pry the “new life”, if you do not, then stay calm and do down-to-earth work. Even if you have the idea of resigning, wait, slow down, maybe after a while, you will have new ideas and ways.

Every job will get annoying after a while, what you can see is just the appearance. Let’s say you see a babysitter who can earn more than ten thousand dollars a month, but you don’t see a babysitter who often snubbed, and has to master a variety of skills. A truly high-income babysitter is not as simple as helping someone make a meal and wiping the table.

The world is so big, there is always a place to stand on; Ideal is full, the reality is cruel, not everyone can travel around the world; Not everyone will pity you; Good luck will not always be around you.

There is regret in life, there is no way to remake the choice you think you choose wrong, if you chose a road, crawl until the end even if you need to.