If you don’t work hard, you will be eliminated by life.

There are always people who want to get something without effort and think that it is enough, but little do you know, you will only be eliminated.

You will have many competitors in life. At work, there will be someone who will compete with you for the opportunity, maybe you will win the opportunity to increase your salary and promotion. There are more things to compete during school time, academic performance, scholarship and so on. If you do not work hard, you will fall, and may never climb up again, you can only watch your competitors reach success, and your journey is still far away, why far away? Because you fall. Why did you fall? Because you don’t work hard. Why you don’t work hard? Because you are wasting time playing games from day to night, watch Youtube, put today’s todo list tomorrow, so become a cycle, making you have a further distance compared to others.

If success is far away, then you have to try to run there. If you don’t work hard, who will work for you, even if someone carries the burden for you, that is also someone else’s distance, not yours, no one can share for you, you can only rely on your efforts, otherwise, you can only be eliminated.

So what will happen to your life when you’re eliminated by life? It’s confusing, life is ever-changing, you have a chance to start over, but if you don’t cherish it, or don’t try as hard as before, then you’ll only be trampled on other feet again. If you take this opportunity, I believe it will get better and better, but I think if you work hard from the beginning, your result will be better. After all, not everyone gets another chance, and not everyone can take advantage of it.


Of course, there are some people who have been working very hard, but they still lack a little bit to achieve the dream, but they gave up, and just like that they missed the opportunity, wasted all their efforts and luck. I don’t believe in overnight fame, I only believe in be toughened and hardened into steel!

Your efforts are to meet a better self, you have no qualification not to work hard.