If you don’t know what the meaning of life, do something meaningful first.

For a while, I’ve been sitting and thinking about what is the meaning of life, and I don’t think I can do anything before I figure it out.

Is life always has been regulated by society? 

Go to school, get married, have children, work. Everyone’s life seems to have been arranged. Don’t you think this is a conspiracy? No one tried to tear it apart? How can life be like others, I do not like to be the same as others.

I will think that when I do something, am I following others, I do it because I like it or just want to follow the crowd.

I know how much ability I really have. Should I finish the necessary skills and do I want to do and move on to the next stage?

If knowledge becomes dead, it loses its meaning. The most important thing is to use, produce and compound interest.

Where is my happiness? I do not dare to choose one is it because I’m afraid?

meaning of life


In the alley of thinking about life, when doing something, will subconsciously think, what is the meaning if I do this and what is the benefit to me? And come to the conclusion that the result is not to do. But forget that in the process of doing is also a new experience.

Maybe I’m just thinking too much. Just like a lost person walking alone want to find the right direction, but in front are just all a big mystery.

It is not sorrow, nor regret, it is a kind of fear, fear that does not know anything. As if it weren’t a written problem, stuck in your chest, making you want to cry but can’t find any reason to cry.

I should really admit that I am actually someone who will think too much, too idealistic. Always like to ask what’s the meaning of life such an abstract and profound question.

This kind of character at the good side is called to commit literary and artistic sentimental disease. In fact, I know that this is the state where I’m unwilling to face reality, always ask what the meaning of life and do not do something that will eventually experience something meaningful.

Not doing it is the biggest problem.

If you are like me, keep thinking about what’s the meaning of life. Or can’t do one thing at all, think about whether you really love it.

If it lasts for a while, go for a run, and in the process, you’ll think more rationally and comprehensively; Learn something, you will know to think too much, too less knowledge is our biggest mistake, or write down, to analyze yourself, analyze your own strengths and weaknesses, increase your strengths and fix your weaknesses, how to be happy to do what you want to do. We have to learn to do some positive things to help ourselves find direction, finding the right direction is the most important thing.

We will gradually understand the meaning of learning is a process of continuous self-independence thinking, is the establishment of thinking, is a step by step to broaden our own ideas, is to read and work after the exhibition of books, is the feeling of the heart. It is learning knowledge, using knowledge, exporting knowledge, is to satisfy a kind of fulfilling happiness rather than pain.

If you want to be different then quickly make yourself different, take action.

What is the meaning of life? Life itself is the answer, for everyone, each individual is an independent living body.

Perhaps life is a self-journey, in the process, we go to explore, to find our own desired direction. And we have to be brave enough to find out what it is to respect and love all of your choices and give ourselves an answer.

Be brave to give yourself to the world, to experience, to embrace the world.

Turn your life into art, live life as a work of art as valuable, so the artistic life is simple and loyal and your own life.

So, if you can’t figure out what the meaning of life is, do what you think is meaningful first.