If we want to change ourselves, do we need to pursue our dreams?

“There is no other force but yourself to save your dreams.”

This reminds me of the words: “If you have to face suffering, then you must already have the resources to change this suffering.”

You might say, “There’s nothing I can do,” or “I don’t have the power to influence the whole world.”

Krishnamurti replied on that with: “But I think you can have a great influence on the world.”

What I think is that we can influence our own world. Our lives can be influenced by ourselves, and for that matter, at least, we certainly have influence over ourselves.

And any force that can make us change and grow must take place from the root of our own.

All actions are energy, and we ourselves have the energy in us.

There is no force other than ourselves to save ourselves.

For this, we need to be aware of ourselves and simply recognize our own truth. The question of the truth is all that is reflected behind all our modes of response, about the nature of one’s personality, all the origins behind our own behavior.

The things behind this will involve the inferior roots of human nature, falsehood, and desire, and so on, will involve Trojan horse procedures, human nature…


To recognize yourself, you must be honest with yourself from the bone.

It is also important to confess to yourself, because honestly, and you will see the truth, see it, and not be blinded by your own cover-up, and be rationalized by yourself in reverse.

People always want to see the good things on the surface, in addition to the bad, choose to conceal, or ignore it, or even rationalize it to convince themselves, so that they feel safe.

And this tends to put a backlog of hidden problems, slowly evolving to be a more serious problem.

Like an apple with a bad core, even though it looks intact outside, it can’t be eaten anymore.

In fact, it’s a form of self-deception, and we, a lot of people, are like this.

Krishnamurti points out that only knowing to act on your own principles is dishonest, because you act the way you think you should be, and you are dishonest with your true self.

Among the “should”, there is an empirical standard, which is a norm, derived from social consciousness or social environment. When a person always does what should be done, then, this matter does not have his original initiative, nor his inner appeal, there is no thought about himself, no enthusiasm and vitality of his own. Why did you do it? It’s just supposed to be done.

So, what should be done, making people cannot see themselves.

“It is a cruel thing to have an ideal, and as long as you hold on to any ideal, faith, or principle, you simply cannot see yourself directly.”

Does Krishnamurti say that makes you question inexplicably?


Shouldn’t we be pursuing something?

The goal pursued by reincarnation in life is not from the outside, it’s in the inside, the original goal is not in the future, it’s in this moment.

It’s very close to us, but we do not know how to connect with this subject, do not know how to find it and expose it.

What Krishnamurti said about the dreams, we have to go and connect with the subject, discover it, expose it, see our own truth, and see our only present.

We have been pursuing dreams and have been chasing a psychologically set ideal, standard, or an achievement, a thing. Why do most of us, every heartwarming inside, have an element of pursuit?

This pursuit can be at the level of matter, the level of spirit, the level of emotion.

For example: We sit around, but must have a cup of coffee or tea, otherwise we will feel not satisfied enough; Have a partner in love going marry but still not satisfied, hope that there is a better person; Have a job that has a bright future, and found that this job is not what you want; Being picky to own appearance, rhinoplasty, cut double eyelids, pursue a state of your own ideal.

The examples mentioned above reflect the mode of operation of life, that is, the “dreams” brought about by a social ideology and social model.

Society will preach to make us better, have you ever wondered what it means to “get better” like this?

Is it in your own mind to look forward to the ideals and dreams we pursue in our social consciousness? But in real life, will you be driven by it? And are you happy about it? Complaining, self-pity, inferiority, anxiety, panic, and uneasiness?

These are because we are resisting our own present, the situation we are in, the state of our confrontation.

Such confrontation and pursuit, is the human instinct, in the real world, known as “positive”, so always want to fight the revolution, always want to be better, is the driving force of civilization, but we also live in this world human co-creation of the collective consciousness of the essence.

There is nothing wrong with this essence in the outside world because without such an intrinsic drive, it will stagnate and civilization cannot evolve.

But when this drive is built into our hearts and becomes the inertial pattern of our hearts, our troubles arise.

When you have a passion, enthusiasm itself is your pursuit. This must be remembered.

If you are afraid, you will not be able to have the passion to find out the truth. And when you enthusiastically find out why you haven’t owned it yet, you’ll understand that it’s already there.

This is who we are, where we already have the energy.

So invest in our present, because we only have the present, see our own truth, and then transcend ourselves, beyond the bondage of social ideology.