I got too much negative emotion, I don’t know how to get out from it

Negative emotions are generally the reason for the formation of many aspects.

I’ve been in a negative mood for a long time.

And every night it is particularly intense, often doubt myself, feel that my life is unfair, do not know what I want to do.

Lying in bed, immersed in grief, the heart is empty, the soul wandering around, can not see the road ahead, the world is so big, but there is no place for me.

Although I stay in this city, I can’t fit into this city,

The pedestrians in the street passed by in a hurry, they all had their own place, and I was just a passer-by.

Having negative emotions is normal, don’t blame yourself too much.

In the fast-paced life of a modern city, everyone is under a lot of pressure, income, employment, promotion, childcare, rent, school, comparison from people around. All this is magnified by the fast-paced life.

No matter which community, forum, Facebook, blog, and so on, you will find that a large number of people are surrounded by negative emotions just like you.

People can not be happy everyday, happiness only occupies a part of the mood, most of the time is in the bland, negative emotions also occupy a part, is also necessary.



Learn to accept your incompetence

The vast majority of people’s negative emotions, in fact, is due to their own ability not up to their ambition.

Want to change, but find that don’t know anything, nothing is going well, feel like a useless people. How can a useless people like me pursue my dream? It’s ridiculous, and I can only live my life that way.

What others can do, because they have their parents to help, I can’t do, because my parents can’t help me.

It is true that other parents can help them because of the hard work of other parents.

We must learn to accept our incompetence.

In this society, we are already at the lowest point of life, as long as we are not dead, there will be a better day, there is nothing to be afraid of.

A person’s life is like a stock market k-line chart, at a low point, the more likely it is to develop upward.

When we are at the lowest point of our lives, we can think about what we want and what we want to be. Change your habits in your life and do something ritually.

We were supposed to work for a better life, but now we feel that our lives are under the control of living, live just to live, work just to work.

This phenomenon is mainly due to the lack of ritual in our lives. After work, just want to lie down on the bed, don’t want to do anything, just want to watch TV series, looking at the screen, compare with others’ lives, their lives are better than yours, complaining about low wages, not able to see the future.

This huge fall can easily make people lose their spirit and feel hopeless in the future. So we need to do something ritually to make ourselves feel like we’re in control of life again, so we’re fighting for a better life.

Ritual things can be something like preparing breakfast for yourself every day, it can be a movie once a week, it can be learning a new instrument, spending an hour every day to practice it, or go for exercise three times a week.

Every time you do something ritually, remove other distractions and stick to it every day, you’ll find that life is back in your hands.

In this world, the lives of the vast majority of people are not plain sailing, and they need to go through the layers of obstacles, to reach their current world.

The world is big, there are many things worth doing!