Human maturity is not based on age

There is no relationship between human maturity and age. Whether a person is mature or not, is whether he/she can view things from the other people point of view, which means to be able to make my world into your world.

There are many adults in this society who have not yet moved away from childish behavior and argue with others about a little thing.

The first characteristic of a person’s immaturity: Wanting immediate return

This type of person did not know that sowing on spring, only can harvest in autumn. Many people just want to give fewer efforts when they’re doing anything and want to get paid for it right away. (Learn piano, learn a new language and so on, when started to feel difficult, immediately want to give up. )

A lot of people when doing business, didn’t see any results when just started, think about giving up already, some people give up in one month, some people give up in three months, some people give up in half a year, some people give up in a year. Giving up is a habit, a typical loser’s habit.

So you have to have a vision, to see a little further, and the vision is used to see the future!

For those who have the habit of giving up in life, there is a saying for you: “The people who succeed never gives up, the person who gives up will never succeed.” So why do many people easily give up?

Napoleon Hill, a famous American Master of successful studies, said that the poor have two very typical mindsets:

1, Always say “No” to the opportunity;

2, Always thinking of getting rich overnight.

No matter what opportunities you put in front of him and he would say “No.” If your restaurant is very successful, and you share your success experience, from your bottom of your heart and tell your friends and family, ask them open a restaurant, can you guarantee that each of them will open a restaurant?

So this is a very typical mentality of the poor, he will say: “You can do it doesn’t mean I can!”

If you tell him about any business that can get rich overnight, his first question is “Is it profitable?” and you said “yes”, he immediately asked the second question, “Is it easy?”, and if you said “easy”, then he will ask the third question “Is it fast to gain profit?”, and you said “fast!”. That’s when he said, “OK, I’ll do it!”

“Oh, you see, he is so childish!”

Think about this, is there anything in this world that can “Earn money fast and easy”. No, there isn’t. Even if there is, it is not our turn. In life, we must know how to pay/put efforts. Then why do you have to put in efforts?

Because you are pursuing your dream, people are alive because of hope and dreams, if a person has no dream, no pursue, that life will have no meaning!

What you want in life, you have to give something first. If you want to get time, you have to give time first, you want to get money, you have to pay money first. If you want a hobby, you have to sacrifice your hobbies first.

You want to spend more time with your family and you have to be less with your family first.

However, one thing is clear, your efforts in this project will be doubled in return. Like a seed, after you plant it down, then water it, fertilize it, mow the weed, and kill insects.

In the end, your harvest is not dozens, but hundreds of your efforts.

In life, you must know how to put in efforts, you cannot rush and immediately want to be rewarded, success doesn’t come that easily.

human maturity


The second characteristic of human immaturity: non-self-discipline

Where is the main manifestation of non-self-discipline?

1. Doesn’t want to change yourself:

You have to change your way of thinking and behavior patterns. You have to change your bad habits. In fact, there is not much difference in the ability between people, the difference lies in the different ways of thinking.

For the same thing, when you ask the winners and the losers, their answers are different, even contrary.

Our failure today is due to the unsuccessful way we think.

A good formula is: when you plant a seed of thought, you will have the harvest of action, when you plant the action down, you will have the habit of harvesting, when you put the habit down, you will have the harvest of personality, when you plant the personality down, it will determine your fate.

But if you are planting a seed of failure, what you get must be a failure, and if you are planting a seed of success, then you are sure to succeed.

Many people have a lot of bad habits, such as addicted to video games, drinking, clubbing, they also know that such habits are not good, but why do they not want to change it?

Because many people would rather endure those bad lifestyles than endure the pain of change.

2. Talk about others behind their backs:

If in life, you like to talk about other people’s words, one day it will certainly pass back.

3. Negativity, keep on complaining:

Which type of people do you like in your life? It is the people who frown all day long and complain all day about which one to complain about or the people who like to be happy all day long. If you are the complaining, negative person in life, you must change the flaws in your character. If you don’t change, it’s hard for you to adapt to this society.

It’s hard for you to work with others too.

In life, you need to know how you treat life, life will treat you back the same way. How you treat others, others will treat you back the same way. So you don’t have to be negative and complaining.

You have to be positive, the people who succeed never complains, the people who complain never succeeds.

human maturity


The third characteristic of a person’s immaturity: often swayed by emotions

The success of a person depends on five factors:

Learn to control your emotions, A healthy body, Good interpersonal relationship, time management, and financial management.

If you want to succeed, be sure to learn to manage these five factors. So why put the emotions in the first place and put your health in second place? Because no matter how strong your body is, if you are in a bad mood, it will affect your body. A person to succeed, 20% rely on IQ, 80% rely on EQ, so you have to control your emotions, emotions have a very big impact on people.

Between people, do not rage because of the small things in life, this is not good.

So in life, what kind of mentality do you have to develop?

You have to develop “three don’t”, “two do”:

Don’t criticize, don’t complain, don’t blame;

do encourage, do praise.

You will become a popular person in the community.

If you want to make your partner better, it’s simple, always inspire and praise them.

Even if they do have a problem, what should you do? At this time you should not give them advice, in life, you will find that there is such a phenomenon; when some people give advice to others, others can accept, but there are some suggestions will make others angry.

In fact, the suggested way is the most important, is “praise, give advice, and then praise”!

Think about it, how many people you have praised a day, some people may think that praise is touted, is flattering.

If you have a strong purpose to praise, then it is flattery.

When you praise others, you have to say it out loud, and when you want to criticize others, be sure to bite your tongue!

The fourth characteristic of human immaturity: reluctance to learn, self-righteous, no zero-minded mentality

In fact, there are many similarities between people and animals, animals have a stronger sense of self-protection than people (infants and piglets).

However, the biggest difference between people and animals is that people will learn and people will think. People are to continue to learn, you must not put your talent potential buried, must learn, must have an empty cup mentality. But who should we learn from? Learn directly from successful people!

You should always learn to face things with positivity, do not look and listen to those negative things.

See the advantages of each person, there is always someone to learn from!

human maturity


The fifth characteristic of human immaturity: do things according to what others say

We say believe is the starting point, persistence is the end. Many people do things not by faith but like to listen to what others say.

There is no 100% confidence in the cause you have done, and faith and belief are two different concepts, belief is visible, and faith is invisible.

Faith is a human attitude, but a lot of people when they do things, they did not do it by faith but listen to what others say.

If you have to climb the mountain, ask those who climb to the top of the mountain, do not ask people who have not climbed the mountain.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t listen to other people’s advice, you can refer to, but you have to remember that you come to do this business in order to realize your dream, realize your own value. Other people will not care about your dreams, only you care about your own dreams, only you care about whether you can really succeed.

That’s the most important thing!

As long as your choice is correct, never care what others say, the above is the immature five characteristics of people, you can check yourself, which feature do you have, you must correct yourself in the shortest possible time, as long as you believe that you can overcome your own immaturity, you will gradually grow up, mature up, you’re going to get the kind of life you want.

You will realize your life dreams, financial freedom, and spiritual freedom.