How to use small habits to cure your procrastination

Have you ever been in such a situation before:

In the morning, you usually get up at 8:00, suddenly one day, you decided to get up at 5:30 in the morning. But the reality is, when the alarm rings at 5:30, you don’t feel like getting up, find a variety of excuses to continue to sleep and feel that waking up early is difficult.

Exercise. You’ve been out of exercise for a long time, and suddenly one day you decide to do 100 push-ups a day and have a strong body. But the reality is, less than 10 push-ups, you can’t continue anymore, and feel that exercise is difficult.

Not only you, but many people also have this situation, seeing others can do it so easily, feel that you can do it too, started to have some confidence, but after a while, no courage to continue.

You’re not wrong if you want to change yourself and have a positive life. But you take too many steps at the same time, and it’s easy to hurt yourself.

You will procrastinate because it is too difficult for you, making you want to give up.

We don’t need a big change, just a small change, a micro-habit, you can gradually cure your procrastination.

You can achieve unexpected success by doing only a little bit of each day.

Stephen Gase

Micro habits are very small positive behaviors that you need to force yourself to do it every day.

Micro habits are too small to fail. It’s because of this feature that it doesn’t burden you, and it’s super “deceptive”, which makes it a very dominant habit-making strategy.

The scientific principle of micro-habitation strategy shows why people can’t stick to most mainstream growth strategies for a long time, and also reveals the possibility that people can stick to micro-habitation strategies for a long time.



When people can’t make change work long, they tend to think it’s their own problem, but it’s not them, it’s the strategy they’re using.

It’s easy to make lasting changes when you start to do things according to the laws of your brain in micro-habit strategies.

Micro-habit, is to use one push-up a day, make you complete it easily, resistance will be much less, even you will feel that you have done one, might as well add another one. So you might only prepare to do one, and you might exceed your expectations and achieve 20 push-ups a day.

We use micro habits to easily cure our procrastination, but how to apply in our lives?

Wake up early. You usually get up at 8:00, you can use the principle of micro-habitat, set the alarm clock to 7:50, get up 10 minutes earlier.

Exercise. You haven’t exercised for a long time. Then you can use the principle of micro-habit, run for 500 meters first, then walk back.

This principle, the operation is very simple, with no pressure. When you get used to it, with a certain amount of confidence, naturally you will want to do more.

It’s not hard to cure procrastination, but the point is that do you want to make these small changes.

If you are not willing to accept the status quo, it is the beginning of your change.