How to stop stress from crushing you

How to eliminate stress?

The stress will only disappear when you confirm that the problem has been solved.

Why does stress exist

In fact, in life, at work, we often feel the presence of stress. We don’t know our ability, not sure whether we can solve very well when encountering things.

Our desire is too big, our ability is uncertain, stress makes people collapse.

I want to get a lot, I want to have a lot, I want a big house, a luxury car, a lot of money … It takes time and effort to make money …

Because of our own desires, the stress began to exist.

However, when we seize the main contradiction and think about the existence of some minor contradictions, the stress will not exist anymore.

From my personal experience, if you feel that a task makes you particularly anxious, making you hard to breathe, then the best way to solve it is to do it directly. Don’t think too much, just do it, try to advance its progress, when this tricky thing gains progress every day, your anxiety will become lesser and lesser, and the less anxiety you have, the faster the propulsion, as long as you clench your teeth, keep pushing, you will be able to get rid of it, and every one of your tricky tasks, you will be more or less stronger than before, and this chore will always change you a bit.


Be brave to face the stress of life

Especially when it’s economic and emotional.

Maintaining economic independence is a necessary condition for independent personality, both men and women.

The path of life becomes wider or narrower as you go, in the end, it has nothing to do with how many obstacles you encounter, but how you respond to the obstacles you face.

Adhere to the principle, at the same time treat it with calm and peace.

Believe in yourself, even if you’re not so confident, you can brainwash yourself. “I’m great, I can do it,” and when you really think about it, you can really do some unknown, something you haven’t been exposed to before.

Your potential is limitless.


Life is like old cloth, don’t be afraid to patch it. If there is a problem, solve it, if it is difficult to solve, take it slowly. There is a solution to everything. Don’t worry.

Sometimes when there is a problem, we want to escape, afraid to face. Because we are afraid of making mistakes.

Life is not long, nor short enough to allow us to fool around, try more when you are still young.

Whether the problems are resolved or not, it will make you grow.

The things that succeed are your abilities and insights, the things that failed are your experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you keep failing, the situation will get better.

Be cautious if it is always smooth, the moon waxes only to wane, and water surges only to overflow. (things turn into their opposites when they reach their extremes.)

Remember not to forget the dew from all the daily chores.

Subtle pleasures, subtle suffering, allow us to grow step by step.