How to reduce your psychological stress?

Stress has always been around us. It feels like a person is carrying countless boulders, pressuring you every minute.

Only when one endures the pain and carries the boulders can one succeed and move on.

So there’s a logic: We are destined to move on in our life, so must carry the boulders. It seems to be a very correct pop view.

But, being overwhelmed by stress, or constantly adding boulders to yourself, endures a painful life, is an unbalanced, unhealthy state of mind.

That is, when you feel you have to live under great pressure and create anxiety and tension, your heart is unbalanced. And from healthy psychology, it is all about balance.

So, what you need is not improve the ability to fight stress.

What you need is the ability to balance your inner unstable emotions and learn to “dissolve” rather than “carrying it”.

So why do each of us always encounter all kinds of things that test ourselves, and it is inevitable that we will be nervous? This is because we have not established a new stable mindset and coping logic.

Do you still remember when you first entered a new school, facing everything new, you can’t adapt, you feel very anxious.

Then, you slowly get used to the new school life, repetition in each day, established a stable mode of thinking and behavior. Gradually, you’re less anxious.

We tend to have “anxiety” for major self-related decisions. The root cause is that we’re not confident in ourselves and uncertain about unknown risks. In fact, this is a sense of fear.

Here’s a prerequisite for psychological conditions, that is, can our past experience helps us to explain and “decision” the next problem?

For example, you face a new job opportunity.

If you’re a committed person, you know what you want, you’ve had relevant experience in college or social positions, you have the criteria for judging the job, you have a clear path to development. So this big decision about yourself, it’s not going to put too much pressure on you.

If you’re facing a new job, a new living environment that you’ve never tried before, and you haven’t had any relevant experience, and you’re particularly confused, don’t know what you want, and you’re not sure how much you’re getting in the job. When this decision comes to you, presumably you’ll feel like you’re in a hurry, and you’ll hesitate, and you’ll feel very nervous.

People will put all the troubles on themselves when they don’t know what to do next, and produce “psychological stress”.

So, if you want to consciously improve your psychological resistance to stress, what can you do?



Don’t blindly carry the pressure, but calmly analyze the causes of stress, understand the root cause of your own fear, and then adjust the mentality, face it with positivity

A lot of people will carry the burden, carry stress. However, if our body carries a heavy burden, we won’t be able to be happy every day.

It’s not that the problem will be solved when you grit your teeth to live through the anxious day.

What you need is scientific analysis and learn to analyze specific problems.

What caused you to hesitate when facing this life choice?

Is it the lack of self-confidence in your ability, make you feel that you can’t solve problems in the future?

Is it your family, friend or loved one give you something you find difficult to do at the moment?

Is the goal you set for yourselves scientific?

Analyze the reasons, it’s best to write it down and give yourself a day or two to think about it. Then break them one by one for these questions.

What needs to be done to improve yourself, and what risks in the future can be controlled by current behavior?

Think well, adjust your mentality, do not run away, do not force yourself to carry it.

Match your own resources for your own problems.

If you don’t think you can do it, don’t set yourself goals too high.

Establish ingress with scientific behavior patterns and develop good habits

A lot of the time, the pressure comes from our “Not used to” the present and the future.

Therefore, you can have a subjective and dynamic training of your own, so that you continue to strengthen and habit the new thinking patterns.

When facing something new, we tend to pay a lot of cognitive resources to digest it to adapt to it, if we have been feeling fear and uneasiness, then this matter is not “scientific digestion”. So what we’re going to do is turn strangers into our familiar experiences.

In the constant persistence and repetition, establish condition reflex. Save limited cognitive resources, in this way, the pressure can be relieved.

Every day everyone is under pressure, especially when faced with choices and new lives, if we don’t adapt we will feel nervous.

Stress is not for us to blindly carry. The stress is gradually diffused in our life.

By eliminating stress, we can constantly expand our new capabilities and then become stronger.