How to overcome inferiority

Be kind to yourself, not to be swayed by others, not to sway others, be confident and elegant.

Introverted inferiority really has a very big impact on a person, if it goes on like this, it will have a great negative impact on life in the future.

In psychology, inferiority belongs to a character flaw. Inferiority, that is, a person makes a low evaluation on his/her own ability, quality and so on, always feel that they are worse than others, pessimistic, disappointed, lack of confidence and so on.


In social, people with low self-esteem are lonely, isolated, inhibiting self-confidence and sense of honor, when the people around them despise, ridicule or insult, this inferiority will be greatly strengthened, and even show in the form of deformities, such as jealousy, rage, and deceiving.

Inferiority is a kind of negative psychological state, is their own recognition of their own, self-demeaning, people with serious inferiority will be depressed, low efficiency and so on.

Once, I was a very inferior person, particularly sensitive, deliberately to please others, concerned about other people’s views on me, feel that I am so petty, and even feel that I am nothing.

There is a saying in “What Life Could Mean to You” that you need to know how you should live your life.

Some people say that we are inferior because we are too eager to get better, so the best way to overcome inferiority is to make ourselves better.

We need to develop our own self-confidence, only people with self-confidence, can be confident everywhere to immerse themselves in life, and achieve their own will.

We also have to continue to enrich ourselves, only by constantly enrich ourselves, so that we can become more excellent, more confident.


Here are some of the suggestions I can give.

1) Often give yourself some psychological cues, believe that you are the best, you can do it.

2) Make friends with confident people, just so-called, one takes the behavior of one’s company, make friends with confident people, you can also be infected by his confidence and become a confident person.

3) Look for your own advantages. I can’t play the piano, can’t draw, my results are ordinary, but I am very careful and kind. Everyone has their own strengths, perhaps you have not found yours yet.

4) When talking to people, look into each other’s eyes and walk with chin up and chest out;

5) Pay attention to fashion, learn to dress and match. A good match is pleasing to the eye, girls should learn to make up, improve their value.

6) Set yourself some appropriate goals and gain confidence in the process of achieving them.

7) Maintain a certain degree of pride. As a person, modesty is necessary, but not excessive. The excessive debasement of oneself is extremely detrimental to the cultivation of self-confidence.

Man must not be too proud, but must not without proud.

Go your own way and don’t care about how others say about you.