How to not care about what other people say?

To complete this question: How can I not care what other people say?

This question is about me, then we should look at the idea first, after all, we face all kinds of people every day, people come and go, everyone’s values are not the same, if you want to completely don’t care about other people’s remarks, it is really difficult.

I have seen a story, a painter put his painting on the street, asked the pedestrians to draw a circle at the painting where they were unsatisfactory, in the end, the painting is full of circles. The painter was very depressed, and the next day, he hung another painting on the street, asking the pedestrians to draw a circle where they were satisfactory, the painting, in the end, still full of circles. So everyone’s standard is not the same, your own happiness is the most important, why allowing others to lead the way?

How to not care about what other people say?


Make yourself strong in a natural way

Sometimes other people’s words are like a thorn, it sounds painful, which is why many people got depression because of some negative comments. We can’t control what other people want to say, we can only make ourselves stronger because strong people have an independent personality, to resist outside interference.

Too much self-esteem or not confident enough will also let negative comments take advantage of you. 

There is a saying: a person’s degree of concern for gossip, is inverse of his ability. Don’t have to deliberate, follow the flow of nature experience will help to grow, if the heart is strong enough, you won’t care about other people’s views.

Think from a different angle

Everything has two sides, some of the remarks are very harsh, but in another way, it is a good remark. I have a friend who complains his online business is not doing well, less than a week, he got a bunch of poor reviews. But from a different angle, these poor reviews can help the shop to improve. Success is the process of continuous problem-solving and continuous improvement, sometimes too much praise will blind the eyes causing no improvement. So it will only me if I face up to these statements.

Sometimes what hurts us the most, are what we concerned about the most.