How to improve your concentration?

There is a very popular formula on the Internet, concentration > time > money, and this formula shows that concentration is a very important ability.

Only by maintaining a high degree of concentration can we make our lives more efficient.

I’ll start with three scenarios to share how to keep our concentration alive.

Find at least 30 minutes of concentration for yourself every day.

The reason I’m talking about this at the beginning is very simple because too many people don’t put much into their focus resources, even if they have a lot of time, they will be fragmented and wasted.

I’m sure there are others who really can’t find their time to focus. For example, your boss tells you that he wants you to set aside 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days to talk to him, that it will help you with your future promotions and increase in pay.

Another example, your client says he hopes that you will be able to spend 30 minutes a day in the next 30 days to communicate with him, and he will add funds into the project you are working on.

In this case, your boss and your client both asked for your 30-minutes, would you refuse?

I’m sure you won’t. But what I want to emphasize that the most important customers and bosses in your life are actually yourself. Please be sure to leave yourself at least 30 minutes a day.

Try to record your time spent all day, it will make it easier to find your time to focus.



How to stay focused without being disturbed?

Sometimes, without anyone disturbing, you seem to be able to read a book with great concentration, but after 30 minutes, you find out that you have been completely forgotten what that book is about.

This is because, in the process of reading, your mind appears a variety of thoughts, there is no meditation to read the contents of the book.

Imagine a scene:

Today is “Black Friday” and you give yourself 30 minutes of reading time.

As you read the 5th minute, a thought appeared in your head: I seem to forget to make payment for the items I added to the shopping cart the other day, and I’m going to pay them now.

Will you put down the book you are reading, and choose to pay for the items in the shopping cart? And after paying, you will be unable to suppress the temptation to continue to browse the stores, without you noticing, two hours have passed.

Seeing this, does it feel like it is describing you? What should you do in this situation? I’ll share a particularly simple way, which is to prepare a notebook and a pen.

When you are reading or doing any other things that required concentration, if you have thoughts in your mind, do not rush to do it, but record whatever in your mind down. For example, at the 5th minute, the thought of the unpaid items in the shopping cart comes to your mind, write it down in the book. At the 10th minute, the thought of calling the family to talk about something comes to your mind, do not make the call immediately, record it down on the notebook.

That is, in the 30 minutes of your concentration, you should transfer all the thoughts of what comes out of your head to the notebook, and I’ll give the behavior a name called “the transfer of the brain.”

People who tried this method said that when they shift the thoughts in their brains by writing, their attention does improve. It’s worth noting that some people may be able to focus on their first attempt, and some people may need to constantly shift their minds, and it may take at least ten times to be able to focus, even if everyone’s situation is different, but they can use this method. When we find that the method is not working after two tries, don’t get discouraged, it gets better and better when you keep using it.

Simply put, when you’re undisturbed and still can’t stay focused, follow these three steps.

The first step is to transfer the cluttered thoughts in your head to the book.

The second step is to lead yourself to continue to focus on what’s at hand.

The third step, after the things on hand are done, do the things recorded on the book and ticks when done.

How to stay focused when disturbed by others?

The first situation, the person who disturbs you is particularly anxious, needs your immediate attention to help him deal with things, quickly pick up what you are currently doing, write it on the book, and then to help that person. 

To be disturbed by others is something we can not control, many people after helping others, they have forgotten where they stopped and what they were doing.

A small action like recording down on the book allows you to get back on track quickly after you’ve handled other people’s things.

The second situation, the person who disturbs you is not so anxious, you can ask him whether he can wait for you to settle the matter on hands first then only help him. If he said yes, then you can settle your own things to a certain stage, and then go to him and help him deal with things.

It’s important to note that you’re going to be a committed person, and you will go to him after you settle your things. And if you do this just to send him away, the next time he asks you to do something, you’re going to be in a particular hurry.

The third situation, the tasks others ask you do not need you to complete immediately. In this case, you can ask the other person to send you an email and short message, and write clearly the deadline for what you need to complete.

After you’ve handled what you’ve got at your disposal before you go to the mail and text message.

The above three situations will appear more often in the workplace, of course, in life will also frequently appear, especially when you are doing something at home, your family will disturb you, if you are doing things at home, you may need to communicate with the family in advance, tell them you need few hours to focus on doing something. If anything less important, can wait for you to be free and deal with, if things are more urgent, you can be disturbed anytime.

My own habit is to silent my phone when there is something particularly important to do. I believe that most people’s focus is now scattered by the mobile phone. If you can develop the habit of not looking at the phone from time to time is also a very important way to maintain concentration.