How to get rid of the sense of powerlessness?

It is common for a sense of powerlessness to appear after a few years of working. This sense of powerlessness will reduce work efficiency, but also bring yourself more irritation. The lack of control over the sense of failure caused by work, and the boredom of being a mechanical executor, will also grow.

The sense of powerlessness becomes the bottleneck of career rise.

How to get rid of the sense of powerlessness? A lot of people have made a lot of different attempts. For example, some people rely on exercise, let their bodies stay alive and wake up their minds. Some look for new hobbies, enrich their amateur lives and compensate for the boredom of their work. Of course, there are people in order to seek freshness, constantly change jobs. Most of the people are muddling along.

In the above method, the worst is the muddling along. I remembered a book about time, saying that the concept of time is not the concept of the clock, time is made up of content, if you want to give time a precise definition, that is the content of everyone’s life, so in the same clock range, the length of each person’s time is by their own grasp.

If you mess around, then your time really doesn’t know where to go.

sense of powerlessness


Of course, what we are going to discuss now is not the question of time, but the feeling of powerlessness. The sense of powerlessness can be divided into two types, one is the sense of powerlessness that unable to control, such as the baby’s eating and drinking, can not take care of themselves, this is because of the lack of ability. The second, presumably, is due to laziness or lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Probably a lot of people have had this experience, during the holiday, wake up after 12 o’clock afternoon, lazy to get up, after having lunch, take a nap until evening, the whole evening had passed, wasted a day in the life.

Because there is no motivation, so there is no possibility of action. So every day is the same, accumulated a sense of powerlessness. The way to solve the first sense of powerlessness is to learn, start from small things, do a little more every day, so accumulated, slowly improve the ability. When the ability is improved, you will have the thought to make your own decisions, the sense of powerlessness naturally slowly disappeared.

The second unreasonable way to solve is to find hobbies, raise animals, plant flowers, exercise, make friends, try to keep yourself active, have the passion of life so that you will have the vitality, then naturally, your work will be better.

All of the above is just theoretical guidance, the most important thing is to act!

Hope those who are struggling in anxiety or confusion, will take action after you read this, and become happy!