How to get out of the nadir of our life

In your life, is there anything that makes you feel angry or sad, or you will feel very hurt or very frustrated, maybe it happened a long time ago, but when you think about it, it will stick in your throat.

Are there some situations that are haunting you and making you feel like you have taken a big impact on your life?

How did those plights happen?


In the concept of psychology, since birth, we are like in a heroic state, especially when we are still a baby, we will feel that we are an omnipotent. So in terms of human nature, you will feel that you should become a terrific person, but like the fate of all heroes, you will meet some evil that prevents you from success, so that you will fall into a state of distress.

When we meet this kind of frustration and distress, we can easily produce an emotion, that has a feeling of resentment to the people around us. You may think yourself as a talented person, you can have a better social status and achievement than you do now, but because of one person in your company hates you, you are not able to get promoted.

Or do you think you should have parents, wives or husbands that understand and tolerate you, but all they do is use some means methods every day to extort the control of your emotion, and then fall into a situation called ‘loss of love’.

From a psychological point of view, the loss of love is a condition of loss of connection.

When you go to this connection, you will feel that you are the only person in the world, you will feel lonely, everything in this world needs you to bear, no one else’s help you, there is no one to rely on, you will feel helpless, you will think start to think what is the meaning of living.

When our world has no love, there is only power, and power will bring comparison and competition, at the same time will bring fear, threats, and panic, which is the natural attribute of rights.

When everything happens and when you lose your connection, your life becomes in crisis, and this loss of connection includes the loss of a loved one, lovelorn, divorce, unemployment, which is why people feel so miserable when these things happen, and some people choose to be suicide, That’s exactly why the martyrdom story of Romeo and Juliet becomes a classic.


Mind Cancer

We all know that when cancer occurs in our bodies, the evil forces will continue to grow, will plunder the resources of healthy cells and keep our health deteriorating.

In fact, we also have a kind of cancer in our mind, when the mind cancer attack, it will be very much like there are a lot of negative emotions constantly coming out, pushing you into a state of darkness and despair.

When bad cells in our bodies begin to grow, our own immune system struggles with this bad cell until the physical condition returns to equilibrium, and we have the immune system in mind that has this function, and when we meet something bad, there is a force in our body that will summon us, help us return to a healthy state of mind and balance.

So what is a plight? There may also be opportunities behind the plight, the emergence of the plight will let our lives appear a different situation, the courage to face the plight, reflect and self-adjust. If used properly, will even push our lives to a new height and better state. This opportunity may be the turning point in your life.

How to let oneself turn the table around in such a situation?

How long have you not listened to yourself?

How long have you not care for the people you love?

The connection between human is the love between each other, and the connection between oneself and the past is our love for ourselves. Find back the power of love, in order to not feel lonely, in order to give you the motivation to move forward. The key to how we get this connection back and let ourselves have the ability to love is our awareness.

Be aware of others, perceive yourself, and recover being loved and love.


How to improve awareness?

Focus on your relationships, especially those unpleasant relationships.

Think about the experiences that make you uncomfortable when you get along with other people.

Focus on the feelings of your mind caused by the behavior of the other person in an unpleasant relationship.

Think about what exactly does this person say, what does he/she did that triggers your discomfort, and what is the uncomfortable feeling that you are feeling?

Clarify the responsibility of your inner world and his/her inner world. To face the uncomfortable, behind that person personal reason, sort out what other people need to take responsibility for.