How to fight against depression

There is such a period of time, I tried very hard with my efforts, want to exhaust all my ability to move towards a goal, go through a lot of tests and obstacles, a lot of small situations appear, making me having some doubts, is my efforts on the wrong direction? Or am I not have the talent and perseverance, or is it just my own ability? How should fight against my depression?

When facing a variety of endless self-restraint and self-torture, trapped in a kind of frustration, give up, and self-motivation of the dead cycle, but still achieved nothing, trapped in frustration and lost momentum, also can no longer find any meaning of life, feel that I have been in the give up state!

It’s a bad situation, isn’t it? No one likes our half-dead situation, not to mention trapped in the negative emotions of self-denial, unable to walk out such a situation.

It’s not that we are afraid to admit our failure, but we need to admit that our temporary failure is because of finding where is the loophole, in this case, may also find a way to remedy, the pit is found but unable to climb up is the source of frustration!

Someone will say it because you did not try your best! Because there’s something wrong with your method; because you put too high goal for yourself and so on…

There is no denying that there is a reason for this, but most people who say this, do you not have a similar feeling when there are problems that you can’t solve?

In fact, in the process of working hard, not afraid of difficulties, but repeated frustration and obstruction make the effort become meaningless, feel that we have been in place is the most terrible despair, because we found ourselves always forced to go back and forth in the circle, the kind of time that was worn out of enthusiasm and energy, just like not able to see hope and making people helpless and self-doubt, lost the motivation to persist in this self-torture, this time is the most likely to let people trapped in depression and not able to come out.

What happens when you fight against this depression and struggle to get out of it?

1. Give up the goal that there is no progress and too far away at this stage

The goal is too far away from reality, every day not able to see hope, as if no matter how much effort we put in, there is no progress, the result of the effort is not getting nearer toward the goal, but slowly can’t see the direction. At this time, what we need is not blind efforts, we need to stop, look back at our footprints, did we took the wrong route or is it we are not working hard enough, That’s what a lot of people say now.

If you don’t know where is the problem, and then your effort is just a meaningless consumption!

In this period of time, you can try to let your anxious mood relax and calm down, after all, everyone does not necessarily need to be in a certain mode to be considered as a success, able to maintain the strength of inner stability is also an ability!

how to fight against depression


2. After looking back on yourself, give yourself time to rebuild your confidence from small goals

After giving up your current goal, do you think you will be calm, relaxed and happy?

The answer is: No!

That kind of empty and aimless wandering will let you like a masterless soul floating around, do not know where to go!

At this time, motivated people will instinctively resist this inaction day, recurring, re-set goals, re-energize themselves, re-energize, rebuild self-confidence, re-invest energy to fight with depression.

The difficulties and obstacles in the process will also be repeated, here may need to double the self-confidence and perseverance, but also need to believe that our decision is right, the most difficult should be from the self of countless restrictions and negation!

There is no denying that pessimists in human nature always have the worst intention to make a pre-set for themselves! This is also why although you understand a lot of truth, but still living in a bad life.

Everything will present two sides, self-limiting and premature presets are the same principle!

Self-limiting will make it easy to give up and difficult to adhere to, then from the smallest goal to start, start from repairing of those small goals you always thought you can do but have not been able to do the best, a small step in the predictability of the progress to find the motivation to stick to.

3. Find the vitality of your daily happiness from the completion of small goals

Understanding the days of depression is so difficult to understand, understanding depression makes people nothing interested, but first, try to pull yourself out of that self-limit!

When you get from a small goal of division, every little thing you do, find fun and move toward your original goal, the mood that has been hovering on the edge of a scorched mood will be relieved that someone who knows what you are doing is no longer stuck in that kind of dark depression.

In fact, many times, what makes us feel full and happy is not necessarily what we get, but immersed in the process of achieving the goal of the down-to-earth efforts.

In all the days of depression, to fight with depression, find the source of depression, solve whatever is able can be solved, leave the rest to time. If really serious, leave it to the professionals.

Believe that everything is the best arrangement after your efforts.