How to charge yourself using a third-person perspective

I think people are like a battery that needs to be recharged, and if we want to keep it in good shape, we need to recharge ourselves at regular intervals, and in Dr. Cohen’s game, called this charging method as a self-storage cup, which means that everyone has a cup in their heart, when you’re full, it’s full of energy; if your condition isn’t very good, it is an empty cup, you need to charge it. Your cup can be charged by others, like when you do something to get positive encouragement, praise, including family care, love, care, friend support and so on, these will charge your cup.

Of course, you can also charge yourself. Everyone has a different way of charging, such as when in a bad mood, running, watching movies, writing a diary, singing, painting, meditation. And today I want to share an unexpected way to charge, why is it unexpected, because it is something I think of out of nowhere, but it is very easy to do by ourselves.

I call it the third-person perspective.

Today I am an empty cup, I don’t know why my mood so gloomy. If you ask me is there anything bad that happened today? I can’t think of any, that is, I can’t get myself to be happy, feel like something wrong, my head, waist feel like becoming very heavy. I know my cup is empty, I need to charge it.

I try to keep myself to think positively but found my thoughts were constantly drifting away, difficult to focus on the present, I tried several times to pull myself back, but the thoughts drifted away again.

I believe you may also have such a time, it is difficult to concentrate, this time I close my eyes and since my thoughts are drifting away, then I use another me, to look at my day.

From the beginning, waking up in the morning, I saw myself sleeping, looks lazy, last night did not sleep well.

After lunch, my aunt came over and suddenly talk about I’m still single. I feel very anxious, discuss whether there is a suitable person to introduce me.

The third-person me, seeing myself talking to them, my inner feeling is lonely, is the uneasiness in expectation.

In the afternoon, I want to try cooking, and then my mother said: “You don’t have talent in cooking, don’t waste my ingredients.” This has been hitting me, she has been urging me not to do, has been saying that I will fail. I do not understand why she doesn’t let me try, I am very angry and sad.

Later, I encountered difficulties and really gave up. They’re happy, and it seems to really go the way they say, I’m not that talented, that’s not what everyone in the world can do.


 As a third perspective, I look back on the scene, I see myself, feel very sad, want to shed tears, no one can see how eager I want to do this, when I gave up that moment, I saw myself compromise, I am particularly depressed.

Just like that, I closed my eyes and see with a third-person perspective, after watching my whole day, I suddenly found out why I am not happy.

I see every minute every second, my feelings are changing, so when I pull out of it, to see from a third-person perspective, the scene, the dialogue, as myself, what am I thinking inside, the thing that I did not express, and these will stay in my subconscious, when this feeling is much, laid my mood for the day.

A person feels happy or unhappy a day, is not only produced a happy mood the whole day but in a day when your happy mood proportion is greater than other feelings, you will feel happy.

When I looked at my whole day with a third-person perspective and saw what wasn’t presented, I suddenly became relaxed. Physical discomfort, as if quietly gone.

You may think that this doesn’t make any sense, no matter what you think, I think it’s a very interesting game, see the third-person perspective as the director’s role, then look at yourself as the actor, and then see what happened.

You’ll also find a lot of interesting discoveries.