How to be the best of yourself

What is a person’s best life like?

I think you have to have something to do first.

Life cannot be too idle, if too idle, put in a little effort will feel that we are working too hard. People always have to do something, just right, not too panic.

Too busy will easily be exhausted; Too idle will easily fantasize.

Don’t waste your good times, you have to understand, there is no restart in life, people who leave you won’t stay, people who pretend to sleep will never wake up.

It’s better to work hard, concentrate on doing what you like, spend your money, live your own life, confidence, and be happy. Life in the world must learn to love ourselves.

There is a saying that I like: “The true love of yourself, it’s not about sacrifice all the time and energy, but work hard and do what you like to do in the present, so that your hearts filled with joy, so that every day you are living in the way you like.”

It’s good to have something to do and something you like to do.



Hope that there is someone who will understand you.

Not afraid of working hard, just afraid that no one understands the sweat behind.

Because to be understood, sadness can be told, pain can be relieved; because of understanding, there is someone accompanied when lonely, someone to support when helpless.

Everyone will always experience sadness and losses, but the saddest is, when you turn around, there is no one there to help.

In fact, what we want is not much, just need someone who we can talk to, two to three best friends, and maybe a lover only.

After the wind and rain, a warm comfort, an understanding, is enough to melt the iceberg in the heart.


Try not to let anyone, anything, disrupt the rhythm of your life.

This life is yours and others are not responsible for you.

Some people earned their first bucket of gold when they were 18, some get theirs when they were 60; Some got married and live a happy life when they were 23; Some only meet the right person when they were 40; Some know that they will be a doctor when they were 10; Some understand that accompanying family should be a lifelong pursuit when they were 40…

Everyone has different rhythms, you don’t have to follow others to arrange your own lives.

If someone says you have to get married at 25, you can tell them: In this world, there is no recommended age to get married, only love is able to get married.

There is no fixed, arranged trajectory of life. Some people make a little money, live a comfort day, happy, is also an achievement;

Some people have a successful career, happy marriage, filial piety of children, this is his blessing; Some people choose not to get married, work hard for life, live to the fullness, and he doesn’t feel lonely.


The best state of life, need to have love.

I don’t know whether you watched the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” before, there is a saying that is interesting, “The person whose calls you always take? That’s the relationship you’re in”

In fact, even if you not able to answer the phone at any time, do not need to care about me when you are busy, just reply me when you are free, that is the best care.

It’s great to have someone love, and love the right person.

Whether it is family, friendship or love, I hope someone can be in your heart, and it is worth it.

I also hope that you are in the heart of others.

The meaning of feeling is companionship, all the pay is mutual.

The best words are always: “Don’t be afraid, you still have me.”

We all look forward to it.

I have seen such a warm quote: “I hope you don’t get lost, I hope you make good friends, I hope you won’t get bullied again, I hope you are happy, I hope you can be strong alone.”

Don’t complain about people, don’t complain about self-inflicted, having a good mentality, life will not be so tired.

Have small goals in life, have someone you can talk to, work hard, occasionally dream about unrealistic dreams, occasionally waste a little time, is good.

Don’t be disappointed in human nature because of an emotional failure, don’t deny your ability because of a setback, don’t be idle when your effort did not go anywhere.

Life is hopeful enough to be strong enough.

Life is while working hard, while happy, plain and true, and have expectations.

This is a person’s best state of life: have things to do, have love, have people who understand you, have the rhythm of your own life, and also always look forward to the future.