How to be a hero in your life

I believed most of you watched Avengers: Endgame. As the final movie for phase three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie also aroused my “superhero complex” on how to be a hero in my life.


Discover the possibilities and opportunity to become a hero

I believe that being a superhero is a fantasy in many people’s heart, we might as well first see how the protagonist in the movie becomes a hero.

Iron Man as one of the representative figures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark was only a “weapons manufacturer” at first. Tony’s “label” at that time was nothing more than a playboy, a genius inventor, and a rich second generation.

And it is well known that Tony’s opportunity to become Iron Man–after being captured by a terrorist group, has seen firsthand the damage that weapons have done to ordinary people, that is, the arc reactor in his chest.

And another soul figure in MCU, Captain America, Steve Rogers. After he was given the “super soldier” serum that enhanced physical and mental capabilities, because of the order from his superior, he could only act as an actor.

As for really becoming a superhero, it was after Rogers went behind enemy lines to mount a solo rescue attempt and rescued Barnes and other captured prisoners.

Thus, the opportunity to become a hero is mostly the possibility of discovering other possibilities in oneself.

Although it is not possible to have Tony’s iron armor or Captain America’s super soldier serum, these also come from the accumulation of knowledge and physical exercise, of course, depending on whether you can find the possibility and face it with positivity.


Find your companion and enemy

Tony’s companion in the film was Pepper Potts, James Rhodes (War Machine), and Jarvis (AI systems).

His first enemy was the Iron Monger, Stark’s shareholder Obadiah Stane, and he was one of the important factors contributing to Iron Man.

Captain America’s companions are James “Bucky” Barnes, Agent Carter and Howard Stark.

His first enemy is Red Skull who has also injected the serum but tried to rule the world.

It can be found that, although their companions are different, their first enemy is often a similar presence to ourselves, and the most common enemy in our lives is often that lazy, negative self.

Defeating this enemy requires us to master the “superpowers” we are good at.

Discover your powers.

It is said that “the rich rely on science and technology, the poor rely on mutation”, but Iron Man’s original “banknote ability” is not only financial and corporate management ability, Captain America’s fighting skills are also indispensable to the practice in camp.

Therefore, most of the superpowers are based on the expansion of practical skills.

If you want to develop your superpowers, find something you’re good at or like, such as fitness, psychology, biochemistry, and so on. And from the reality of skills to superpowers, it requires your unremitting efforts, thinking, and innovation.

For example, the leadership of Captain America, Iron Man’s technology, Hawkeye archery and so on.

be a hero


Find gears and classic line belong to you

You need to know that in the movie, the arc reactor in Iron Man’s chest is a battery, and the shield of the Captain America is actually a bin cover.

In fact, it is not so much equipment as faith, whether it is the arc reactor that kept Tony’s alive or the sign on the Captain America shield, or even the broken watch that Doctor Strange is wearing, they are a warning and belief in themselves.

Your beginner gear in life, it can be something related to ability, such as wrists, pens, rings, books, and even a piece of clothing, items that can be found everywhere that can always remind yourself.

For example, awareness wristbands, smoking cessation, early risers, exercise, and other habits will have a good effect.

And the classic lines in the film is also part of the superhero character, such as Iron Man’s “I am Ironman”, Captain America’s “I can do this all day”, are a distinct response to a variety of personalities.

Of course, finding your own classic lines does not mean it is just a mantra, it is more of an encouragement to oneself when facing difficulties and challenges.

Your classic line can be a celebrity quote, or it can be a line from a character or even a quote you come up with.

Only by getting yourself back full of power, that’s your classic line.

To this point, I believe that you have the basic preparation to become a hero, then no matter how much crisis, remember to clench the arms in your hands, fight with it with that kind and brave heart of yours.