How to achieve your own success.

Today we’re going to talk about how to achieve the success that belongs to you, which is how to succeed in your favorite areas. It sounds a little contradictory because maybe you don’t know what you like to do.

Maybe many people will tell you that if you go after your heart and find what you love and stick to it, you can succeed. Although this is not entirely wrong, but no one told you how to find what you love and how to stick to it. Because most of these people, like you, don’t know what they love and what they should stick to.

And I want to tell you, in fact, a lot of things can become your love, and stick to it is not difficult, you only need to do the following two points.

Change the way to obtain dopamine

Dopamine is a nerve-conducting substance used to help cells transmit pulses. This brain endocrine is related to people’s lust and feeling, and it conveys the message of excitement and happiness. Without dopamine, even the most delicious food in front of your eyes will cause anorexia.

Have you ever had such an encounter, sometimes full of ambition wanting to learn a skill, after a period of time, give up, and then continue to play games or watch TV shows or other things that make you feel happy. This is actually the stimulation of dopamine that causes you to fall into this state because learning a new skill without secreting dopamine makes you unhappy.

So the first thing you need to do is change the source of dopamine, which is now easy, cheap and fast to get. Let’s adjust the timeline to the pre-modern society, when people had to do something to get dopamine, and most of the time it was about creating things, like build your own house, grow your own vegetables, or hunt for meat, and when you did it, you’d find that it was incredibly fast. Because your brain secretes a lot of dopamine, that’s why many elders say: life in pre-modern society is happier, and now only feel emptiness.

If you get dopamine in this creative way, you won’t complain that you can’t find what you want to do, because you basically love everything you do.

Modern society will all this completely change, you live in countless ways to make the brain filled with dopamine, such as playing games, watching videos, shopping to buy, playing mahjong, playing cards and so on, even cooking has become heavy physical labor because the takeaway you order is more delicious. At this point, there is only one way you get dopamine, and that is “consumption”. Do you know what we call when the source of your happiness and dopamine, comes from “consumption”? That’s “addiction”.

Why are there no smoking places, and why is gambling illegal? Because these are the pathological ways to get dopamine that is addictive. If you like dancing, like music, like programming. No one but individual parents will stop you from doing these things, because they create value, and you get the joy out of it.

So, from now on, try to convert the way you get dopamine. Only then you have the opportunity to focus on things that make you happy by creating value.

achieve success


Be brave to create and pay the price

There is no shortcut to success in order to create opportunities for yourself! This process involves the stages of growth and progress. Each step is important, takes time, and cannot be skipped. When you’re free from immersion in “consumption ”, the next thing you need to do is try to create all sorts of creative possibilities to get happiness through creation. When you know what to try, decide what to do, and then pay the price for it, you’ll be successful. For example, if you want to learn programming, you have to go through a long period of theoretical learning and boring practice before you can write your own program. If you want to learn an instrument, you also need to go through tedious learning and repeated practice until your fingers are worn out before you can play a complete piece of music. That’s when you get a little bit of dopamine reward.

This is why people tend to get dopamine through consumption because it is fast, easy, and rich. And creation is always accompanied by initial stage torture and pain, creation is not innate, not God-given, not bought with money, but you have experienced these pain after paying a sufficient price for the reward.

When you’re done with this, when you pay enough, trust me, belief in yourself. You will find your hobby, you will certainly get your success!