How should we react if some random people slaps us in the street?

How should we react if some random people slap us in the street?

Maybe people might wonder why I ask such a question, because the answer to this question largely directly determines the direction of our lives.

From the reaction that I can think of, these are the three types of reaction.

The first type, slap back that person.

The second type, wuss, cover the face and walk away.

The third type: Calmly analyze the situation, maybe we really deserved to be slapped, then accept the lesson; Or maybe he/she is really a bastard, we should perhaps call the police to take care of him/her.



In our lifetime, there will always be all kinds of troubles and problems, they are like people or real life that are constantly slapping us.

For example, during our primary school, we fail our test. The first type will tear up the paper, and even tore the classmate’s paper, which is equivalent to a slap back others. It is better to not learn from the first type.

Many people will give the excuse that bad at the exam in school is because the teacher affects the interest in studying, which is equivalent to becoming a wuss, and covering the face and walk away. In fact, this is to find an excuse for their own immature.

The third method is to analyze the reasons, perhaps we did not work hard enough, perhaps the teacher marked our test paper wrongly (there is this kind of cases). Perhaps the teacher is not a good teacher at all, perhaps the first day of the exam we are too playful. We have to find ways to improve according to different situations and improve ourselves.

There are many situations and reasons why people are being slapped all their lives, but there is a high degree of consistency in how one treats them. People who are used to slapping back have been slapping others for the rest of their lives, and those who have been being a wuss has been being a wuss for the rest of their lives.

There is such a quote by the famous British female Prime minister, Mrs. Thatcher.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

This is probably the origin of character determines fate, in fact, most of us become wuss when facing incoming slaps.

For example, John’s manager is more bias, always bully him, let him do more work, but doesn’t recommend him for promotion. Many people’s thought will be work harder, be more diligent, so that can impress the manager, but the fact is that no matter what he does, the manager will still bully him next time.

This is the equivalent of becoming a wuss and covering your face.

To treat life with the attitude of a wuss, will continue to be slapped by the world.

Their fate has in fact been decided when they were treated with a slap attitude from a young age.


In my case, I’ve been a wuss since I was a kid.

Never did anything when I was bullied by others, even my college course is also under my family’s selection, so you can imagine how big a wuss I am now.

A person’s reaction to a slap really determines the fate of his life.

Once upon a time I attributed the smoothness of my life to my bad luck, in fact, I was the greatest irresponsibility to myself.

Only know how to be a wuss in life, but never try to do anything, did not seriously analyze how I have come to today’s situation.

If you don’t want to be slapped in life every day; if you have realized your own problems, then you have to reflect, sum up, act, and constantly make yourself better.

Summary: Constantly improve your own insight and way of thinking, know how to do things effectively.