How people succeed, how people failed

Not knowing your goals

Whether it is students or office workers, the elders will always tell them to find their own goals, so that they can work for it.

Most people will feel that current life is good enough, there is no need to change, resulting in some people in the later stages found that they have many things that can no longer be able to compare with the people around them, that will make themselves afraid. But there are still many people who give in to their current life, do not work hard when they were young and eventually their own road to success becomes further and further away.

Finding a clear goal is a sign of progress, and giving up looking for a goal or not having one becomes more and more decadent.

Living in a self-world that “makes it easy to achieve a sense of accomplishment”

Nowadays, there are such people, who trying to obtain a sense of achievement through lottery tickets, gambling, playing games, and other behavior.

Lottery and gamble, both are using money for more money, but the lottery is less risky and has a probability of becoming rich overnight. Gambling is riskier and may even cause you to lose everything. This will likely help you become rich overnight, but more likely to lose everything even your family.

Achievement from playing games probably is the happiness of winning the game and worshipped by others. But this can not be the goal for us to work hard, let alone making ourselves become addicted to the game.  We are not those professionals who can represent our country to a tournament, although it is possible, but that is still a minor case. Using this method to obtain a sense of achievement is not a long-term solution.

The above three, is the kind of typical because of a particular thing, can bring a sense of accomplishment to ourselves and will make us drown deeper. Such people often forget that this is not our goal of effort, nor is it the capital that can be shown, because not everyone can be so lucky.


Over-reliance on established things, do not understand new ideas

The ancient culture of the world has brought us a lot of wealth, of course, there will be some loopholes that need to be modified and perfected by future generations.

In political textbooks, we have learned about the attitude towards Chinese culture: “Take the essence and discard the dregs(取其精华去其糟粕)“. The same applies to people’s daily lives.

If only know the same method like a machine to think of a solution, or to do something, every day is like a gyro, non-stop spinning, but such a rotation does not bring any effect.

Wall off yourself from outside contacts

Whether studying or working, we all need to live our lives closely linked with the outside world, such as a student is writing an essay, and this essay need the current trending news, if you only focus on study and did not know about any of the trending news, how can you write the essay? Can this essay get a high score even if it is written?

If a person is off the rails from the outside world, the impact on that person is not small, it may even change that person’s life from now on.

There are too many ways for a person to waste their life, and to prevent us from wasting, we must constantly update our knowledge, life, the circle of friends and so on, but also to keep up with the pace of the times, do not lag behind, only in this way you can become excellent, better, live happier.



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