How much money to achieve financial freedom?

Someone asked me, “How much money you need to achieve financial freedom?” When I’m going to say a number, after hesitated for a moment, I thought again, in fact, you won’t be able to achieve financial freedom no matter how much money you have.

What is financial freedom? Simply put, financial freedom is to have enough money to do what you want to do.

Some people may feel that financial freedom is easy to achieve because their desire is not high, easy to satisfy, financial freedom goal is not high, should be easy to achieve.

Is it so? That may just be your current thought. When your wealth reaches or approaches your goal of freedom, your mind is likely to change. For example, your current economic situation, in fact, this is already the goal of many people’s wealth and freedom, but do you think you reached financial freedom? Surely not, and you’ll feel that you’re far from the financial freedom you think you’re going to be.

In my opinion, the so-called financial freedom is nothing more than an image of the current economic class for having enough wealth. But when your wealth accumulates to a certain stage, when you have begun to touch, experience and slowly adapt to the life of the new economic class, your goal of having wealth has slowly changed.

I have a friend who entered the stock market in the early 2000s. His wish was to earn 10 million to retire and enjoy life. When it comes to this goal, everyone feels very practical. 10 million of wealth, do a little investment, monthly interest will be better than the current life. Can’t he retire and enjoy his life?

He had more than 8 million in 2008 or so. But by then, when he said he had earned enough to retire at $10 million, the tone was less certain. At that time, his child had just started primary school, and his family had just applied loan to buy a school district house.

Now, this friend continues to work hard, continue to analyze the direction of the stock market every day. I don’t know how much money he made, but it must be over 10 million. His children went to international high school, he was expected to study abroad in the future, and the current mortgage has not been paid off, his elderly parents have begun to run the hospital quite often… … He needs to leave enough money to cover future expenses and possible risks. Such a thought, 10 million light floating, simply does not bring enough security.

Perhaps it is really hard for a person with a family to realize financial freedom because he/she has too much to carry.

How much money to achieve financial freedom?


I also have a single friend, and her goal of financial freedom has changed because of a change in her vision.

She just graduated and started working, although the money earned is not much, but because she is the only daughter in the family, she usually lives with her parents, she doesn’t need to pay a penny to the family. Sometimes she went shopping with her mother, when she saw something she wants that are expensive, her mother will pity her low salary and pay for her.

She had no idea of financial freedom, and she thought her life was free now. There is no housing pressure, no economic pressure. If she had been comfortable in such a moist little day, for her, she already has achieved financial freedom.

Later she and her friends go for traveling, after traveling for a few times, she fell in love with travel. She had her first goal: to travel all over the country.

She knew a lot of people who also liked to travel, and became a semi-professional travel friend, and every year she planned to go to a place where only famous for travel friends. She was influenced by these friends and their way of life, she slowly became independent and was no longer the little girl who relied on her parents for everything. She rented a house to live alone and stopped asking her parents for money. She changed her job because she needed more money.

Not enough money to spend, to rent, to feed herself, she still needs to buy plane tickets, buy equipment, buy cameras, in order to enhance the physique, she also started to go to the gym. In particular, her goal has changed from traveling all over the country to traveling the world.

Her goal of financial freedom is raised step by step because every step she sees a better view, and she wants to go one step further.

So, how much money you need to achieve financial freedom? The question is really hard to answer. Or, in fact, each of us has somehow achieved financial freedom. If we don’t want much, it’s enough for us to do what we want to do. And if desire increases with the increase of wealth, we will never achieve financial freedom.