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Zico Quiz

Do you know about Zico? Do you think you know Zico well enough? Why not take on this Zico quiz and see whether you know him well enough!

This quiz contains questions related to Zico’s personal information that can be found online, music videos, music, variety shows, etc…

So, you think you know Zico well enough? Only one way to find out for sure is to put it to the quiz, literally. Quiz yourself on your knowledge of this K-pop artist right now.

Before the quiz, here is some short history about Zico.

Zico(Korean: 지코, birth name: Woo Ji-ho), is a Korean rapper and music producer. He is also the leader and rapper of the boy group, Block B.

He was debuted on 15 April 2011 on KBS’s music show Music Bank. Other than that, he also composed and participated in a chorus with many singers.

On November 23, 2018, his contract with his company expired, but he decided not to renew, but he does not depart from the group.


Zico began his career as an underground rapper by promoting underground activities. In his early teens, he had already started performing underground rap. In addition, he has worked underground with Park Hyung and Mino and has collaborated on tracks.

He has also been involved in underground activities in Japan. He featured in IU’s song “Marshmallow” as well as Cho PD’s “Expectations for K-Hip Hop” and Jung Seul-gi’s “Outsiders”.

On November 7, 2014, Zico released his first solo single, “Tough Cookies”, which was composed by Zico and invited musicians such as Jay Park, LOCO, Ugly Duck to join the new album.

He was criticized for wearing a jacket emblazoned with an American Confederate flag in the single’s accompanying music video and the use of a homophobic slur in the song’s lyrics. Zico’s label officially addressed the issue saying the homophobic implication of the term had been unintended and that Zico held no prejudice towards sexual minorities. [wiki]

Now you briefly know about Zico’s history, are you ready for the quiz?


Zico is a member of which group?

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When was Zico birthday?

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What is Zico underground rapper name?

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Which Hyuna song did Zico featured in?

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When was Tough Cookie released?

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Which of the following is Zico's second single?

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Zico won which award at 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards?

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When was Any Song released?

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How Much do you know about Zico?
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