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Chungha quiz

Do you know about Chungha? Do you think you know Chungha well enough? Why not take on this Chungha quiz and see whether you know them well enough!

This quiz contains questions related to Chungha’s personal information that can be found online, music videos, music, variety shows, etc…

So, you think you know Chungha well enough? Only one way to find out for sure is to put it to the quiz, literally. Quiz yourself on your knowledge of this K-pop artist right now.

Before the quiz, here is some short history about Chungha.

Chungha (Korean: 김청하) is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter, and choreographer.

In 2016, she performed one year as I.O.I member under YMC Entertainment and ended on January 29, 2017. On June 7, 2017, she debuted as a solo artist.

On June 7, 2018, her official fan name was released and called “BYULHARANG” (Korean:별하랑). BYULHA has the meaning of “being someone who shines like a star in the sky”. HARANG has the meaning of “fly high together.” And “RANG“, on the other hand, has the meaning of “doing something with someone.”

Combining the words together, “BYULHARANG” means “Chungha and fans become a shining presence for each other, become a better, growing relationship together.”


Her born name was Kim Chan-mi [김찬미] and then changed to Kim Chungha.

Seeing those people dancing on the road, and seeing pictures and videos of idols like BoA, Lee Hyori and other idols, she has a dream of being a singer or a member of a girl group.

When she told her parents that she wanted to be a singer, her parents were surprised because they never thought she would sing and dance.

After being a 7-year trainee, she was once wanted to give up. Apart from being a singer, she also wanted to be a radio DJ. She was formerly a trainee of STARSHIP Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

In December 2015, Chungha participated in “PRODUCE 101” as a trainee from MNH Entertainment.

In the final episode, Chungha debuted as I.O.I with fourth place.

On April 21, she released her pre-debut single titled “Week”, on the official M&H Entertainment YouTube account, followed on June 7 by her debut EP, entitled Hands on Me, with the lead track “Why Don’t You Know”. [wiki]

Now you briefly know about Chungha’s history, are you ready for the quiz?


When was Chungha solo debut?

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Where was Chungha born?

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What was Chungha rank on Produce 101?

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What was Chungha debuted album called?

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When was first episode of Chungha's Free Month released?

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How many tracks are there in Offset extended play?

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Which Pentagon music video did Chungha appear in?

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Which Hotel Del Luna OST did Chungha sang?

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The song Snapping is under which album?

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Chungha won Best Female Artist on MAMA 2019.

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