How long have you not been with yourself?

Is it important to be with yourself? I think it is important.

Only when you are with yourself you can see yourself and understand all the questions and able to find the answers you want.

It can not be denied that the past Saturday and Sunday and busy Monday belong to ourselves, those times really slip through us, but do you feel like something is missing?

The thing that is missing is the time you spend with yourself alone.

A person’s life is composed of work, family, social and various interpersonal relationships, and there are a few complicated things. And then what? Then go on tomorrow and repeat yesterday’s life. These things after repeat for a long time, will have a feeling of being hollowed out, like floating in the air, can not firmly stand on the ground.

When this feeling is getting stronger and stronger, the most important thing to do is to lock yourself in the room, be alone, think about what happened around you in the past, think about why you want to sit down, think about what you really want. At this point, you need to be “alone”.

Everyone needs to have an independent space and time to be alone, to be with yourself, to be with your inner self, be with yourself who wants to express your true ideas.

How simple is the thought, how strong the desire is. Often, people can’t find this kind of time, even it is just a few minutes of alone time.

In the army, a questionnaire survey was asked. The answer of a soldier on most wanted thing to do on Sunday is to daze. The first reaction of many people must have been to feel that the soldier had a problem with his mind, or that something was not going to be resolved in his mind. 

Now realize that he needs a separate space, a time of his own, no recreational activities, no queue training, no tolerance service, only himself, sitting quietly, a moment to daze, draw a few small people on the paper. That’s all he thinks, the only condition is: Don’t disturb him.

Scholars give many authoritative explanations of being alone from a scientific point of view. At first, I wanted to write down these benefits to support my understanding of being alone, but then I thought about it and gave up. Putting aside research and reason, my most immediate feeling is that no matter who interprets alone or how appropriate it is, or how inspiring it is, it is better to just be alone for a little while.



No one wants to live in the theoretical framework woven by scientists, and not many people live in pure beliefs, we believe more in our own intuition and feeling, there is always a specific moment, just want to be with ourselves for no reason, just the beauty of doing nothing.

People are emotional animals, laugh when happy, cry when sad. But in reality, it is the opposite, when we are happy, we are calm, when we are sad, we are strong as iron. We are swayed by ideas, taught by ideas, and lost awareness of things. Whenever this happens, my first reaction is to be as with myself as possible. For example, go to a yoga class, or go back to your computer, stretch your body, or express your heart. In my opinion, being alone is as important as eating and sleeping. Eating lets us have a healthy body, sleeping so that the brain charge to let the body rest, being alone let the mind read back to your bodies, unite your physical and mental in the present.

In the past, when I tapped on these words, I would see how others interpreted “being alone” as a reference, or at least not to write too superficial or outrageous. However, the longer you spend time alone, the more time you spend with yourself, the more worries you put aside.

I think the value of being alone here is the more real your feelings are, the more natural the feeling smoldering you, and the more abundant the energy you gain inside.

How long have you not been with yourself? If you’ve been away too long, give yourself time, or walk home alone, or sit alone on a park bench, watch people walk past you, or quietly read a book.

When you get back to your familiar environment again, you’ll love everything you have, whether it’s a busy job or a life you take for granted.

Being alone is as simple and magical as that.