How long have you not been praised by others?

Imagine, looking back at your life over the past one week or one month, how many people have you praised?

Or, how much praise have you gained?

I do not know whether you got any, think for yourself, racking your brains to come up with one, if really don’t have, then do you want to reflect on it? Do you want to change it? Do you want to get more compliments? Do you want to praise others heartily? Do you want to experience the joys of praise?

It’s your own problem, think for yourself.

If you say, “I do not need to praise others, I do not need any praise, whether I praise others or others praise me, in my life is optional”, then, if you think so, you do not need to see the next things because it is a waste of time for you.

If you continue reading at this point, it means that at least you still know praise can give you or give others a lot of joy, a lot of encouragement, a lot of surprises, a lot of positive energy. It means you do not have a low EQ, not a hopeless kind, okay? You know praise can be important and may bring something wonderful, but you probably haven’t done it either, can you? Isn’t it?

That’s the biggest problem.

Know is a thing, did it is another thing.

praised by others


If you do not know how to praise people, your life will miss out a lot of fun, you will lose a lot of happiness, you will not encourage others, you will not inspire others, you also have a difficult to build a harmonious relationship with others.

If you know how to praise others, you will get your unexpected happiness, you will inspire others and even change others, you can better educate your children, and know how to get along better with your partner.

So, here’s come the question, how to praise?

In fact, how to praise is not important, because, there are many ways of praising, ever-changing, you won’t be able to finish writing the praise language in a few books, the most important thing is the sincere method.

What is a sincere method? That’s is praise from your heart.

Praise must be sincere, you must be sincere, sincere is very important, especially when praising others.

Everyone likes praise, but no one likes false praise, only hypocritical people like flattery.

So it’s very important to praise from the bottom of your heart.

How do you praise from the bottom of your heart?

This requires you to have a heart that is good at digging into the strengths of others.

praised by others


There are shiny points in everyone, and everyone has a place to be happy with themselves. Imagine what is the place where you are satisfied with yourself? Your hair? Your eyes? Your nose? Or your inner qualities, such as honesty, perseverance, decisiveness, and so on.

Or some other advantage, good at basketball, careful at work, like to help others and so on.

From now on, dig at least 10 places in yourself that worthy of praise, and then praise yourself well in the mirror, do not hesitate when you see this, especially when no one else praises you, you have to praise yourself, praise yourself, from the head to the foot, from the outside to the inside. Don’t think it’s strange. If you don’t even praise yourself, how can you praise others?

Praise yourself dozens of times, write down the feeling, write it on the paper. For example, you can write: Before I never thought, praise has such incredible power, and without talking about praising others, praising myself also let me feel very wonderfully happy.

After praising yourself, you’re happy, you must feel awesome, right? So, what is the second step? It’s very simple, praise others.

You can start praising your family. For example, praise the food that your love one cooked is delicious, especially the sour and spicy potato silk is not only bright color but also taste sweetness.

Praise your mother for being kind, and then give a small example. Praise your father for being very gritty, give a small example. Not only praise but also praise with specific.

It’s like you said to a beautiful woman, “You’re beautiful!”

Will the beautiful woman be happy? I don’t know, but at least she won’t resent it.

But if you said, “Did anyone ever say that your nose looks good, I don’t know what other people think, I think your nose is small, it looks crystal clear, and your other five senses are perfectly matched, it looks very coordinated, I have to say, you are really beautiful.”

Praise is important, but a concrete praise is even more important.

There are still a lot of other things to say about praise, but because of the length of space, we are not going to say much.

In short, you know, everyone is eager to be praised, the world will never lack praise, especially sincere praise.

From now on, praise yourself, praise others, absolutely do not be stingy about your praise, so that praise becomes a part of our lives.