How long can we endure?

Do you feel very tired, even yawn while walking, feel tired when waking up every morning, feel exhausted, and dry eyes? How long can we endure with such a state, we don’t know, but we can only repeatedly tell ourselves, even if the next second we will fall on the ground, the last second we must also on the way running for our life.

This is not our obsession, but it is something we must do, but if we stop to rest, then I think we will be paralyzed in bed, fall asleep deeply. But we can’t, so forcing ourselves.

But why don’t we stop for a day, relax, let ourselves have a good rest? Maybe it is because we know that even if we put down the work on hand, back home, it is not possible to really rest, might even get more tired than usual, because those trivial tasks were delayed because of work, now have to take this opportunity to solve, such as repair the tap, wash the hood, fill the refrigerator with food, the day is unknowingly ended. Finally, it’s time to rest, and what is not known, after waking up again, still tired, and repeat the cycle again. Thinking back, to a certain age, we have no time to be free, all the time are making preparation for life and work, the time we can really lie down to rest is when we are dead, lying in our coffin.

We know we shouldn’t be like this, but knowing is not enough. The idea never becomes a reality, when the idea projected in the reality, it will be distorted, we are trying to make our ideas become our reality, but these distorted things, make changes bit by bit, who knows how much indignation in our hearts, how difficult to accept, because the excessive pursuit of perfection have screwed us, after a long time, want to give up and start again, but not willing to let go, and endure it.

Perhaps for a moment, we will turn away, just when this next moment comes, it’s not that simple by relying on our own ideas, because we have to be responsible, so have to pick a good time, try not to impact and injure those around us, this is our only bottom line, clinging to this bottom line.

There are many theories in the world, we do not know that how many theories about our inner self, but we know clearly when we know that when we feel very tired, we have to be strong, persist, do not want the world see our inner weakness, all our fatigue will be our camouflage color.

When the world feels like we can’t, trying to relax, the world will know how much of our strength, how much we have darted forward when it was not paying attention, and by the time it realized, we had taken up half of the wall, it could no longer pointing fingers at us, and we could finally smile with comfort.