How do you love yourself?

What have you done for yourself today? Loving yourself doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do, the news of college students commit suicide is lingering in one’s ears, the lovelorn little guy drunk on the street is still happening … You’ve probably also been overeating or not eating or not drinking because of anger and pain.

We know that harming ourselves is not helpful, because we need to love ourselves first before we have the right to love and be loved.

In the social torrent, we are facing different things every day, so how do we love ourselves?

love yourself


Accept your own shortcomings and mistakes.

To accept yourself is to accept everything about you. Acceptance includes immutable and variable; looks, childhood growth environment, personality characteristics, current stage ability, skills. Accept your mistakes because no one is perfect, everyone will make mistakes, give yourself space and time to grow up. Do not blame yourself, do not worry too much because changes also take time, give yourself a little patience.

Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror? If what you see in the mirror is self-confident and generous, and encourage yourself to say that you are good, great and give yourself a smile, it will also be your attitude towards other people. If you are always blaming yourself for ugliness and ability, imagine how you can look at others with a good attitude.

Sick people don’t feel remorse for being sick or having surgery, and they want to congratulate themselves on finding a safe treatment.

Only by accepting yourself can you establish an inner connection with yourself, can you accept others, and be prepared to love yourself.

Be kind to your body.

The quality of your health directly affects your life. Some people use alcohol to anesthetize themselves when they fall out of love, drink until drunk and unconscious, the next day wake up, headache, vomit. Some people overeat to punish themselves, in the end, their body becomes bloated and lost self-confidence. Some will stay awake for a long time and immersed in remorse, all night without sleep, leaving only black circles the next day.

There will be a lot of roadblocks in life, the fun and meaning come from how you treat the roadblocks.

Problems arise when we solve problems, if we make mistakes, try to make an amendment, there is no need to torture our own bodies, it is not worth it.

Only by treating your own body well, maintain self-discipline exercise, your heart will also be strong and bright up.

Accept Others

Why you should accept others when come to love yourself? Because people are not an isolated individual, people’s society is the connection between people, to a large extent, other people are also affecting you, and just like accepting yourself, you also have to learn to accept the mistakes of others and other people’s shortcomings, don’t use the mistakes of others to blame and affect yourself.