How did you make a comeback from rock bottom?

If you have these three situations at work, you are facing bottleneck.

1. Colleague younger than you or experience less than you but become your boss

2. Engaged in a certain job for more than 2 years, but no job adjustment

3. The content of the work is constant, feel boring, not challenging, no enthusiasm for work

Not able to breakthrough after a long time in the low period of the career will lose the opportunity period of professional growth, whether or not able to breakthrough during the career-low is related to the follow-up good career development.

This is the era full of crises, but also the era full of opportunities. When facing uncertainty, some people are confused, some people are working hard.

Adversity always exists at all times.

If you ask the older generation, is life now easier than the past generation? However, the old generation’s answer is almost always difficult. Information changes too quickly, competition is fierce, no matter how busy you were last time, you still have time to go home every day to spend with your families.

But now people did not become as beautiful as imagined because of the innovation of technology, and more people appear to be more anxious. The competitive at work, the burden of the family, the arrival of the middle-aged crisis, the hardships of employment. All of these making the current generation confused.

How did you make a comeback from rock bottom

Ordinary people also have a chance to comeback

Last night, I have a chat with a friend, he works in a state-owned enterprise, have good company benefits, salary is also good, there is no work pressure, but he still feels confused, can not see the life behind. He tried to resign before but failed to withstand the manager retention, continue to work there. He is having a tangled mood, life is suffocatingly flat. He says he wants to be who he is, he wants to be valuable.

Focus on your goals and stick to them

Buffett set his goals by writing down his top 25 goals on a piece of paper. Five goals are then selected, and finally, the 20 goals that were not selected are on the “avoid at all costs” list.

My friend has set a very clear goal for himself, focusing on his youtube video since last year, insisting on posting a video every day around 7 a.m., and I asked him what force makes him persist, he answers: Because I love to deal with these videos as if I were in love. Treating making videos as a very enjoyable process, the result is now a lot of companies find him to make a video, even live-streaming company ask him for some ideas.

God is fair to everyone, such an effort is simply a race against time, I believe that soon will see the results, the thought of this giving me a feeling of worship.

He also told me to keep doing what we like and ordinary people will also have the chance to comeback.

Find your own unique happiness in your career

Think too much and do too little is something most people have.

In fact, I am also someone who thinks a lot, wants to learn everything.

Most of us are ordinary people, but every ordinary person can find their own unique happiness in their own profession.

The economy is already bad, coupled with this outbreak, is even worse, so more businesses are having difficulties, so more people in the trough.

Aware of the trough, maintain a positive learning heart, consciously choose your favorite occupation, focus, persistence, I believe that one day can successfully comeback.