How did we make big decision in life?

The big decisions in our lives are not just about what we want to do, but about who we want to be.

So, there are so many big decisions in our lives, but how they were made?

In life, we have a lot of choices. There are situations where we tend to think less about a lot of big issues and dwell on small issues for too long. For example, my parents want to buy a smartphone, after spending two months collecting information and shop around, still has not decided which to buy.

However, a few years ago, when they heard that there was an investment, the profit can be several times higher than the bank interest rate, they didn’t hesitate and put in thousands of their hard earned money into the investment.


I think they might think that buying a smartphone is spending money, so they will think twice before they buy it, and the high return rate on the investment is making money, and of course the more they invest, the more they will earn.

What they don’t take into account is that buying a smartphone can be used for years and make life easier and faster to connect with friends or do things in their daily lives. While large investments might seem to be giving out a high return, but they ignore an important issue where investments are risky and to get a high return on investments required long-term investigation and research, can not hearsay, blindly follow, and the risk is too high.

And even if you want to invest, spread the risk and not put all your eggs in one basket.

You might say they have no risk awareness of investment, no financial common sense to make such a decision, but they just want to let the people around them have a better life, wish for the maximum benefits.

But are all the big decisions we make is to maximize the benefits?


There are also reports on the news that some people have given up their comfortable, well-paid jobs in the city, and gone to the remote mountainous areas in difficult conditions to educate children.

So the big decisions in our lives are not just about what you want to do, but about who you want to be.

You might also find that sometimes the big decisions we made may be opposed by everyone around us, but we still make that choice, and it’s hard to explain why we made such a big decision at the time.

My explanation is that our choice is determined by our values at the time.

The values are what is the most important thing to you.

But our values are likely to be different at every stage, meaning that what we used to feel most important to us is now less important and our values have changed.

So we often overturn our previous choices and re-make new choices based on new values.

For example, I want to learn new languages, I will find courses online, and began to follow the practice every day.

But halfway, I thought that writing was more important to me at the moment, and wanted to be a writer, hoping that I could write something that able to help others, so I began to start writing every day.

That is to say, we can make choices based on our desires, and I want to be who I am in the future to choose what I am doing now.

Maybe I don’t fully understand why I want to do this, but I know that I’m doing this so that I can be the kind of person I wanted to be.

As long as I insist on doing “the choice of what to do by the theory of Desire”, one day I will become the kind of person I want to be.

For individuals, understanding how we make a major decision, we can put the initiative of life firmly in our own hands.