Hope you can find the reason for “no need to persist” in the process of persisting.

Is it enough to say that people are not building a corresponding habit when they try to be persistence to something?

Can only rely on persistence to maintain this action, so that it does not have to be interrupted, but whether love or helplessness, only that person knows.

If you do not realize that “why you have to build good habits, then rely on” external forces” to persist your actions, it still belongs to passive.

Sometimes inexplicable persistence is not as good as a change of direction, to pay attention to our own feelings. (After all, a lot of people’s persistence is still in the quandary of “I don’t like it, but I still need to do it”)

Only by clarifying your feelings, can you make a behavioral response to feelings, and if such a response is positive, then this progress and growth is natural, not the result of deliberate persistence.

Otherwise, we persist on some kind of behavior or engage in a certain business, but don’t know the reason. Then the persistence becomes a kind of repetition, and become a repetition without driving force.



Know yourself and start by feeling how you feel. Record your experiences, stories, and so on every day, means you start to care about how you feel.

When facing high-intensity work and stress, it is easy to selectively reshape memory, that is to say, when people recall something, they always give absolute trust in their memory, but that is not the case.

If there has to be one thing that needs to persist, then for me it must be reflection. At least I’m well aware of how reflection can make a difference to me.

The purpose of this is to record my true feelings and real events, and hope that one day in the future I will not be too subjective when recalling this event.

Because once a person is too subjective, a lot of things cannot really be solved, and more often people, in order to maintain their position, will throw away the objective position so that things are covered up for what they are.

Objectivity will eventually make us more responsible and cautious about words and deeds. This reflection diary record is about my changes, it is objective, this is another me, an objective me, urging subjective me in the secret, a little carelessness, words, and deeds will be recorded.

In fact, all the persistence is to make ourselves no longer need to be persistence but to make this repeated persistence to form behavior habits, form inertia, of course, it is best to add a little reflection, create my own reflection, set of mechanisms for correction.

When the process is gradually perfected, you may feel the fun of the process, and you will no longer need to persist on it.

The example of reflection diary is only my personal practice, there are indeed too many things in life that we need to persist on, and the continuous “persistence”, in fact, does not really produce mindfulness and trust on our tasks.

Sometimes, persistence is a feeling that we cannot prejudge the gains and losses of something or a habit, and sometimes we insist on being a means of urging our self-control and self-discipline.

In fact, the purpose is to make us more rational, more excellent, and if there are ways and means that we no longer need to persist to this idea, then we must try it, perhaps you will find your own fun.