Have you ever had the thought of giving up?

Maybe what you do, over time, it will produce a little negative emotion.

Even it is the things you like, perhaps this is human nature, get or pay too much will produce a strange emotion, seems to like it and seem to hate it, perhaps both, not sure.

Most people don’t want to die because staying alive has meaning. But there is this book, the author asked his students: “Is there anyone in this class has the thought of commit suicide before?” The whole class basically raised their hands. Living is what we want and expect, but sometimes the idea of giving up life comes up. It’s not just one person, it’s the majority, if not the vast majority.

It seems like there is nothing strange about this. In life, we will always encounter problems and difficulties, so wanting to give up is not impossible.

However, not everyone who has ever had the thought of commit suicide has committed suicide, and even if they have had many such thoughts, they are still alive and expecting themselves to live better. It’s no surprise that people always have a lot of ideas, but they often don’t mean to show, and our desire to live is far greater than our fear of difficulties.

After all, we’re not scared to death, we’re still alive, and we’re going to live.

In this way, having the thought of giving up your life, then have the thought of giving up on other things is not much strange, but has some reasonable meaning. After all, the human is always unstable, there will always be all kinds of unknown emotions and ideas, no one can predict what will happen next.

thought of giving up


On this basis, looking back at the so-called persistence and abandonment is just an objective fact.

But we’re not so receptive to giving up. Because a lot of the time we say give up, it represents stopping something that is constantly good for us. Stopping things that are good for ourselves is a loss in itself, so we don’t like to give up, and giving up often stop bringing the original benefits, but also brings additional negative harm, which is a loss. Dislike is one thing, but the reality is another.

Therefore, many times our attitude towards giving up is disgust, fear, evasion, and should be so.

Giving up is always an unpleasant thing. But many times, we confuse “give up” with “the thought of giving up”. The thought of giving up does not mean giving up, not having to suffer and regret because you have the idea of giving up. Like “suicide” and “the thought of suicidal”, perhaps everyone has such a thought, but the vast majority of people do not commit suicide.

We will continue to live, and things will continue.

“The thought of giving up” is just an idea, easy to come, easy to go. But when we misapply this thought to “give up”, the damage it brings is practical, and all kinds of negative emotions will be surging out, restlessness, regret, disappointment, and so on.

At the same time, if we regard the thought of giving up as a fact, then it really creates a “give up” fact.

Having the idea of giving up is normal, after all, a person will produce countless ideas every day, from the point of view of probability, there will always be negative emotions.

And what we have is to preserve those positive thoughts and lead away from the negative ones.

When it comes to giving up, I’ve been facing a problem lately: giving up on writing. With this thought, I’m feeling very anxious, but still, continue to write. During the pain and struggle, I found that, in fact, even if I have the idea of giving up, but I still can continue to do it.

Just as most people have had “the thought of suicidal”, but these people are still alive.

Sometimes, we have no way to control the sudden rise of the idea, but we need to distinguish between “thoughts” and “facts”, can not be easily deceived by them.

Although persistence is still not an easy thing, but be wary of your own “thought of giving up”, and not to mislead by them, and persist for longer.



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