Give yourself ten minutes to improve yourself

Do you have ten minutes? Time flies, you can’t catch it, it won’t slow down, out of a sudden one day has passed. Day after day… we live a busy life day after day, year after year.

People who should work go to work, people who should study go to school. Day or night, everyone has their own things need to do, everyone repeatedly cycled through their lives until the end of life. We all know that the earth revolves around the sun, Earth rotates once in a day.

On this day, there are people work hard to support their families, some people struggling hard for their dreams full of enthusiasm, and some people stay in the room, switch on the air conditioning, connected to wifi, eating watermelon while watching Youtube. On the same day, different people are living a different life.

What kind of life do you live in now? The days of the beggars are not very good, they sleep in the railway stations and subway passages, solving their hunger is all of their lives. A beggar with goals goes out to beg for dinner, when it is enough, back to the subway station and end the day of life. 

Why do the beggars insist on begging? Why do office workers insist on going to work? Why do people work hard to pursue their dream? What do you insist on every day of your life? Which is more satisfying, long periods of persistence or short periods of persistence? If you are given 10 minutes a day to persist on doing one thing, what will you persist on?

There are many things you can do in 10 minutes, you can put on your headphones and listen to music. Music expresses the joy, anger, sorrow, music in people’s feelings, listen to pure music, use the brain to feel the vitality of nature, feel the power of everything around it;

Listen to the news on the radio, learn about yesterday’s life, see what’s new.

10 minutes can write a diary, buy a small diary, record down the story that has occurred yesterday, with a concise paragraph of writing in the diary. With 10 minutes, you can watch a humorous and content-rich short video, learn how the character in the video arouses everyone in his humorous behavior.

ten minutes


There’s a lot more you can do in 10 minutes, but what we want to do every day are more than 10 minutes, and the 10 minutes here are not simple 10 minutes in a deep sense, but a kind of persistence, persist to a simple thing that gives us something to gain.

For the real angle, every time I walked through the subway station, I only see the beggars sleeping on the ground, as for their other activities, I have no idea. What I see every time is the bad life under the subway station, the homeless people in order to survive, every day must insist on finding food in the vicinity, to solve their own food problems; Whether it is the beggars living at the bottom or the rich people at the top of their lives, they all have their persistence, which is a pursuit.

After a year of college life, I learned that “persistence” is an easy thing, but also a difficult thing. Some people can stick to playing games all day, but it’s hard to study for 10 minutes a day.

For those who play phone when you wake up in the morning, if you can, here’s a small piece of advice, I suggest that you spend ten minutes to read, such as news, article, let your brain absorb and accumulate knowledge.

Ten minutes a day, 300 minutes a month, and 3,600 minutes a year to absorb new knowledge. In this way, if you stick to it, you can accumulate a lot of knowledge. Over time, when this behavior becomes a habit of life, your brain can not only store useful knowledge but also exercise our brain.

According to my observation, my family, relatives, and friends around me, most of them are playing games, surfing Facebook, watching Youtube, there are only a few people who will spend ten minutes to learn something. There are even fewer people who spend their spare time to learn new things. Improve yourself for 10 minutes a day, starting with watching the news for ten minutes every morning!