Get rid of that fragile heart and be who you really are

What is a fragile heart?

In short, it is not able to bear the questioning and attack from the outside, easy to be hurt, and easy to change their behavior because of the attitude of others, without firm principles and clear goals.

A lot of people have a fragile heart.

When you are young, when you insist on your own ideas but criticized and reprimanded by adults, your small heart suffers a grievance, but dare not to show.

Growing up, when you want to try to change yourself, but the people around you laugh and ridicule you, you start to fear, and follow other people’s ideas.

People with fragile hearts, always thinking about how others feel, thinking about what they do, will make others unhappy or hot, whether or not they will get hated by others, but never think about their own inner feelings.

They only live in the eyes of others, live in the expectations of others, live to become what others want, and lose their true self.

Get rid of the fragile heart and treat all the damage as normal.

When people strive to forge ahead, the worst enemy and the most hard-hitting evaluation is not from strangers, but the people around, such as relatives and friends, colleagues, employers and so on.

The most common is that the people around you will pity you when you are frustrated, when you succeed they will be jealous of you, when you succeed they will denigrate you.

In fact, their performance is the true face of human nature.

Get rid of that fragile heart and be who you really are


People in this life, have only a few real friends, those that can talk to one to two is enough, other people do not necessarily understand you, will not support you unconditionally.

These people change their attitude towards you, and they hurt you the most, but if you know that it’s normal, you can be less hurt.

Human’s favorite is to sympathize with the weak, through sympathy, they can look strong. If you like the people around you to help you and not hurt you, then you can only always be a weak, accept their cheap charity.

Jealousy is the most ingrained thing about human nature, and when you are ambitious and progressive, the people around you are most vulnerable.

What reminds me the most was that when I was in school, the school held an essay contest, and I took part in it with great interest and wrote a thesis.

I didn’t expect to win a second prize. I am so happy, taking the award certificate back to my roommates, who knows, they only give faint congratulations.

The roommate who sleeps next to me, even said: “If I knew it is so easy to win the prize, I should join too!”

I suddenly feel like I just fell into the bottom of the valley, my mood from the clear sky into a rainy moment, I silently put away the certificate, started to doubt myself.

Is it because there are too few people in the competition that I win the prize? Was it too accidental for me to win the prize? My writing level may not be very good.

My young heart is really fragile, easy to be affected by the attitude of others.

If I don’t care about what other people’s reactions, then I won’t get hurt, and what they say to me is just wind in my ears, and I won’t question myself.

If no one cheers for you, then you should cheer for yourself, do not let them succeed, because most people worry, you need to go further the better.

It’s really strange to get along with people. The more you care about others, the less you care about yourself, the more you want to get the approval of everyone, the more you lose your faithful friends.

Because people want to be friends with people who are true and sincere.

People with fragile hearts will never be able to be themselves and never get real freedom.

True freedom is to do what you want to do, say what you want to say, love the person you want to love, have your own bottom line, without damaging the interests of others under the premise of living your own life.

When you are who you are, others will naturally find a way to position your relationship with you. People who like you will naturally accept you, people who do not like you, you do not need to waste each other’s time.

Don’t guess others, because you’re hard to guess, and you don’t have to take the time to guess.

Find out who you are, and you see will through others.

Over time, you have your own brand and reputation, sincerity is the era of the rarer humanistic quality.

No one can make everyone like them, no one has the obligation to make everyone like them.

To pursue your dreams, you must shake off the fragile heart. Because on the road to success, there are too many difficulties, if encountered a little unsatisfactory, self-complaining, it is easy to give up half-way.

Those who pursue their dreams, when facing distrust and misunderstand, only by firm to your own goals, be forgiving towards others’ attitudes, your heart will become more and more powerful, become a shield to block all the words and mouths.

It is better to be yourself, even if it’s not perfect, at least you’re living the life you want.

Only by being the real self, your fragile heart will slowly grow strong and broad.