Get rid of anxiety and make steady progress

In this rapid development world, to keep up with the trend of the times, we must continue to learn, which is known to all. But for most people, knowledge is one hand, take action is the other hand, know and take action is difficult to do.

When we see successful people, we are indirectly self-disciplined; Especially when we see our friends who now have small achievements, that feeling is anxious and worried.

On one hand, desire to be better, on the other hand, is the nature of human laziness. When facing such a contradictory state, how should we choose?

01 Recognize the nature of things

People get confused and entangled because we don’t know what really matters, so it’s easy to be confused by surface values. And there is usually only one really important thing.

How we find this important thing depends on how we think.

In life, most people think that this is important, that is also important, in the end, distracted by various things, nothing is done.

“Simple Thinking” author Akira Morikawa, is also a well-known Japanese entrepreneur, he created the product LINE. His “simple thinking” model is not “simple” but “simplified”, that is, to see the essence of something, based on the essence and make decision and judgment.

For us personally, the essence is to decide whether doing this will make us feel happy.

Morikawa worked for Japanese television when he was 30, but he didn’t like the job, but he didn’t know what he wanted to do, so he was very upset every day, unwilling to give up his high salary and not knowing what he was going to do.

One day he was so annoyed that he asked his mother: “Mom, what do you think I do to be happy when I was a kid?”

His mother’s answer was to catch bugs.

This answer makes Morikawa suddenly realized, he found that he had always liked to look for new things. When he was in college, he liked to play jazz and innovated in his own way to make new instruments, and he was happy at that time.

So he found that if his job can’t help him looking for something new, he would be unhappy. Knowing this, he began to pursue new things as the basic criterion in his life.

In addition to pursuing self-centered happiness, Morikawa said, it is worth giving value to others, and that happiness will last.

So when we choose work or life, the first thing to make sure that what we do is what we really like, so that we will go all out and make ourselves feel happy;

Get rid of anxiety and find your happiness



Many people envious of the other’s happiness, and then look at their own lives feel very depressed. But what is happiness? Different people have different understandings, I like Russell’s quote: “Diversity is essential to happiness” A colorful life is the source of happiness.

Envying others and denying ourselves is often the reason why we get into anxiety. But the point that others make us envious is also achieved through a little effort.

In fact, each of us is the same, will go through different stages of life, we just need to go around behind them, we will see there is a level of steps, they are also taking step by step to reach today.

There are two ways to ease anxiety, either lower your vision, not to have so many ideas, work down-to-earth, work like everyone else, or put aside your worries, fears, and improve your abilities, realize your vision little by little, and those who are envious of the people are simply brave to choose the latter.

So I have always believed that as long as we are awake, reflect on our own life, believe in ourselves, and then focus on a field, step by step, after 3 or 5 years, we will also become the object of envy of others.

03 Keep the rhythm

Many people’s lives are not following their own rhythm forward, just like planning, why often end in failure, one of the main reasons is “fake”.

The goal of “fake” is not from the heart, but a momentary passion. For example, when we see a slim person walking in front of us, immediately determined to lose weight, this is a momentary passion, in fact, we do not feel that fat is a problem.

Everything in life depends on our own time and our own rhythm. Some of our friends may be far ahead of us, maybe behind us, but everything has its own rhythm, they have their time and rhythm, and so are we.

Some people graduate at the age of 21, but don’t get a job until they are 27; some people graduate at 25 but have found a job when they have just graduated; some people have not gone to college and found a career they love at the age of 18; some people found jobs when they graduate, make a lot of money, but hate their jobs; some people use the academic gap to find their goals, and some people decide what they want to do in the future at the age of 26, but they change their minds at 26.

What we need is patience. J.K. Rowling didn’t publish Harry Potter until he was 32 when he was rejected by 12 publishers; Jack Ma founded Alibaba at the age of 35, and actor Morgan Freeman didn’t reach the peak of his career until he was 52.

Don’t be disturbed by anyone in the rhythm of our lives, as Einstein said: “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.”



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