For those who are at rock bottom

We are not born to be bullied by others, otherwise, life would be meaningless. Those who helped when you at rock bottom, even if they are not up to your standard, they are people who worth looking forward to and cherish. Human is a self-serving creature with own thoughts. Those who push you down the cliff when you fail, screw them!

Learn to smile whenever you can. This is not to say that you are strong, but subconsciously tell yourself, “This little thing is nothing at all.” In a time of sadness and near despair, a smile can save yourself and tell yourself, “so what?” Life is a long way, and you will waste the rest of your life if you are overwhelmed by this small matter.

As long as you were strong, you will be stronger in the future. How glorious you were, doesn’t need to be explained because it is meaningless, you have to know that you have been glorious is enough. You have the brain, the communication ability, the work efficiency, you will be successful again. Use the next success to beat those who mock you in your low slate, and speak with your strength.

Get rid of your bad habits and respect others. Some people lost their souls because of a little thing. Even if you fail now, one-day you will stand up tall, will be all the way downwind, you can smile and look out of the window of the world, everything is still so beautiful, calm and happy. Don’t underestimate yourself, you can’t look down on others, everyone has their potentials.

Don’t do nothing and waste your life. You are dedicated to the world, make yourself feel full is happy, at the same time, as an ideal, have a practical and beautiful goal. Recognize yourself properly and tell yourself to work hard. Don’t carry a lucky mentality, delusion money drop from the sky, success will be given to the people with opportunity, the opportunity is given to the people who work hard, the effort is because you have a real and beautiful goal. The world is so big that even if money drop from the sky, it won’t hit you, will it?

Be a normal person. Tell yourself that you are a person, a normal person, life is always blended with sadness and beautiful. Yes, that’s true for everyone. Don’t be a villain, don’t hurt others when others fail, give others some opportunities too! Everyone has the potential, no one is useless. The chairman manages the national affairs, the leadership manages the company, the teacher manages the students, the children manage their own kind and beautiful heart, the poor people manage their own simple behavior, waste pickers manage their own lives. “The world is so big”, no matter how much we manage, we are always adding color to the world, isn’t it?


The world is always unfair, but it is strangely fair at the same time. Everyone was born in a different environment, one can wear shoes that worth thousands and use phones that worth thousands, but you can also wear shoes that worth a few dollars and even without a cell phone. But your perception is different, you are more patient than these people, so you have to work hard, you have to keep your chin up, nothing can hinder you, be bold to do it! One day, when you are in the same condition, your life will be happier than his.

Don’t believe the insults that others insult you, say you can’t, tell yourself, “Don’t care what others said, if you say you can, then you can.”

I don’t know you, but I want to say to you: “Hang in there, keep your chin up! “