Everyone will experiences failure.

Everyone will experiences failure. The success you see on others is because you only notice what they do to succeed. I’m sure they’ve failed in many other ways. 

I admire those who learn from their failures and turn those failures into good things. I admire them even more than those who succeed. This is because failure is a painful experience, and success is pleasant, so people need to experience failure first, then make changes, and finally succeed. Those who succeed easily will not able to challenge their limits.

The worst-case scenario is doesn’t aware of the failure and doesn’t want to change.

From an early age, our parents advise us to study hard, get a good result, find a decent job after graduating. Can you really find a decent job if study hard? Can you get rich if you find a decent job? I think the answers to these questions may be uncertain. Who can sit in the classroom all the time listening to the boring teaching content? After all, those contents are mainly for exam-use only. 



In life, we often ignore a question: “How can we make our lives no longer busy for money? Why can’t we let money work for us?”

Therefore, we need to learn risk management, learn to invest, so that our lives got more than the mortgage and car loans. Don’t live in a false busy, those type of life doesn’t make sense. It will only make us educate our offspring in the rest of our lives: “Go to school, study well, find a decent job.” This kind of education is no longer practical in today’s society.

Because information learned from the school is not the only way out.

The biggest problem with financial education is that this topic has not taught in school. (at least at my age, my school did not teach us this)

So our education on finance comes from our family, but the problem is that unless your parents are part of the top 1% of the high income, our average family doesn’t know how to teach their children about finances.

And they don’t read books related to financial.

If you are like me, were not born in that 1% family, we could learn from the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” together.

First, we must understand two concepts: assets and liabilities.

In short, an asset is something that can put money in your pocket, and a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.

Anything can be an asset or a liability.

For example, if you own a house, you have to pay $3000 a month for it. Then this house is a liability.

If you have a house, you get $3000 income a month. Then this house is your asset.

The difference between assets and liabilities is huge.

The poor spend money to make payment; the rich spend money to buy assets, and the middle class spends what they think is assets and liabilities.

After graduation, most people will find a job so that they have income. As we work slowly, our salary rises, and after our salary increases, we’ll be faced with buying a house and a car,  changing a new phone or buy some luxury goods. In short, it may be some liabilities that you think is an asset.

Starting each month, we need to pay off the house, refuel the car and pay for the phone. Unless you realize it and change your way of thinking, no matter how much money you earn is a little more than you need to spend.

Your friends may envy you for having a good car, but you don’t have any money, you just look rich.

Of course, it doesn’t mean to say that it’s not good to have a job, you need to realize the difference between assets and liabilities.

Because there’s a good chance we’ll think and buy liability as an asset.

So we’re going to keep working but make sure that the hard-earned money is invested in buying real assets that look like a liability.

And when assets generate high-income expenses for you, you don’t need the job anymore.

Perhaps a lot of people will say that buying stocks or investing in real estate or starting a business can fail.

But they don’t care about buying a car and it depreciates within a year, and they pay for it every month.

So compared to buying a luxury car that we don’t really need, and using all the money to start a company even if we lose all the money, we get a lot more entrepreneurial experience than the car that has no real effect on the depreciation.

Don’t look down on the effects of this knowledge and experience, it is much useful than the car that has been depreciating.


We also have to pay attention to the difference between occupation and career. Our current education system is dedicated to getting young people to learn and get a decent job.

After learning a certain basic knowledge, we will go to the university to learn advanced knowledge, we will be trained to become: engineers, scientists, chefs, police officer, and many more professions.

Vocational skills keep our income stable and work for money, but the terrible consequence of just doing what you’re doing is that it makes you give up your attention and career!

That will leave us with a lifetime of focusing on someone else’s career, which is your boss’s career.

Everyone must pay attention to his or her career. The center of your business is your asset project, and as mentioned earlier, the key is to know the difference between assets and liabilities and to buy assets. The rich are concerned with assets and the poor are concerned with income. 

If we learn to master finance, there are many obstacles to the road to finance, and asset projects can generate a lot of cash flow. Let people live their dream lives without having to be busy all day to pay their bills. But people with financial knowledge sometimes don’t get rich assets, and these are five main reasons.

Fear, Cynicism, Lazy, Bad habits, and Conceited.

If we know what we are lacking on, we should immediately find an expert in the field or a related book to study hard and overcome the difficulties we face.

After solving the above five problems, then we have to start taking action. First of all, we have to have the motivation from the bottom of our hearts.

If the drive to move you forward is not strong enough, then the harsh reality along the way will make you cringe, so we must have a strong reason and goal so that we will have the motivation to continue to move.

In the course of our actions, we need to understand our relationship, that is, the circle of friends we interact with. Of course, we do not regard money as a selection criterion, we can have some poor friends, but also have some rich friends. We can work hard and learn from them, there is always someone to learn from.

We make friends with rich people not to get their money, but learn how they treat money.

When it comes to money, most of us generally know only one basic money-making model, which we learned from school: it’s about money. In the author’s view, this is a model that applies everywhere, millions of people get up every day to work to earn money to pay back loans and pay bills. 

If you’re tired of the work you’re doing or you don’t make enough money, then you need to change, in today’s fast-growing society, there are many opportunities for you if you want to find a way to make money.

You can start by evaluating which of your practices are effective and what doesn’t work, and find new ideas in learning, new ways to make money. 

There are two great gifts that God has given each of us:

Thoughts and time!

You can do what you want with these two gifts.

You have to remember: every dollar comes to you, you, and only you have the right to decide your future. Use it foolishly, and you choose poverty. Put your money into debt and you’ll become middle class. Invest in your mind and learn how to acquire assets.

The lifestyle you learn today may also affect your child in the future.