Everyone has equal opportunity, it depends on how you catch it.

Why is there a lot of successful people in the world, but there are more people who fail?

For example, opportunity. What is an opportunity? An opportunity is the moment that can change your destiny.

Opportunity is equal for everyone, and as long as you can seize it, your destiny may change from now on.

Because, every day there will be different opportunities, and this opportunity is unprecedented, perhaps it will never appear in your life, but as long as you seize, it is an opportunity.

There is a saying: “Opportunity is reserved only for those who are prepared. It does not believe in tears, it has nothing to do with weakness and laziness.”

Some people think that when the opportunity comes, I must seize, but, when the opportunity really come, worrying about everything and give up, no matter how good the opportunity is, you will be difficult to catch.

It’s like that simple “little story of two ants.”

Two small ants, one day they fell into a cup, and then they began to climb out, again and again when they reached the mouth of the cup, they fell down again.

After a few back and forth series, one small ant gave up, it was defeated again and again by failure, it felt so tired.

And the other little ant doesn’t feel tired, every time it falls down, it will bravely climb up again, in the end, it finally climbed out of the cup.

After it climbed out, it continues to encourage the other ant in the cup, the ant saw his companion climb out, it started to have confidence, so it also determined to climb out of the cup.

In the constant attempt and constant failure, the ant also succeeded in getting out of the cup and regaining freedom.

If the ant doesn’t have the courage to climb out, it will be stuck in the cup forever.

Facts show that frustration is also the opportunity of life, as long as you do not give up, work hard in the right direction, you will seize the opportunity to succeed.



Just like the two small ants, they seize the opportunity of rebirth to avoid the danger of losing their lives.

Life will often let different opportunities and traps appear in front of you at the same time, there is a good saying: “opportunities and crises are co-existence,” you seize the opportunity, the crisis is left behind by you.

Like many years ago, a telegraph cable that crossed the Atlantic ocean in the United States needed to be replaced because of damage, this inconspicuous news was ignored by everyone.

But a small owner of a jewelry store took aim at the scrap cable and bought it, which made people feel incredible. What’s the use of such a broken cable?

This owner bought back the cable, closed the door and scrub the cable clean, cut into a section, made a variety of ornaments, as a souvenir for sale.

It was a cable memorial at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and he became rich overnight.

Then he spent a lot of money to buy a diamond of the European Queen, and do you think he was selling it at a good price or keep it as a collection?

As a result, he unexpectedly held a jewelry exhibition, and visitors from all over the world flocked to it, which made him a fortune.

He was the famous American “King of Diamonds” Charles Lewis Tiffany, the son of a miller who became a veritable billionaire.

It seems that success is so easy for him!

He’s just winning in the way he can always see what others can’t see, when opportunities come, hold on to them, and make the best strategy.