Every time you procrastinate, you are wasting your efforts!

Procrastination is something everyone goes through every day, but some people’s procrastination doesn’t affect their life, their important goals will be fulfilled on time, and for other people, procrastination is the source of their pain, a big problem that is affecting their life.

Each of us has our own stress, and procrastination is good medicine for pacifying the mind, where we breathe our breath. You hurried home after work, thinking of cleaning up the clothes on the sofa. But this day work is too tired, want to wait until tomorrow to do it, wait until tomorrow, the same situation happened again, after a while, you just leave it be.

The lower the mood of the day, the more irritable it is, the less effective our action will be. The more anxious the situation, the more obvious our procrastination becomes.

We want to accomplish one thing, want to complete the goals we set. But behind the delay is unpredictable pressure, as well as the constant denial of our own.

Today I say I want to start over! The next day still ok, the day after tomorrow, can I still persist? I can’t do it well, maybe wait until when I’m ready and do it again. In the end, found out that I really can’t do it, so just leave it be. Then the cycle repeats again.

In the circle of procrastination and constantly come back and forth, your self-confidence slowly goes off. What left behind is just the inferior-self, the same old “you”.

The bad result of procrastination is that you think you’re bad, you think you’ve exhausted your efforts, you’ve done nothing, but you’re feeling very low in value.

Our sense of value comes from our ability, the more we will do, the more we can do, the more benefits we can produce, the more people need us, but the ability is learned through efforts and slowly accumulated.

But every time you procrastinate, you don’t get a substantial boost. Procrastination becomes a roadblock to the promotion of ability, and your efforts are not complete efforts. When your efforts are at 100%, but also because the delay became 0%.

So to accept yourself now, you are not really worse than others, nor is it only others can accomplish the goal you can not finish. You just lack action and “I’m the best” belief.

And also acceptance of your temporary delay. The community usually has a punch ing-card system, and procrastination is most likely to hide inside, you passed the edges thinking that you already out of procrastination, but if there is a day or two did not punch the card, it will completely delayed, you will slowly give up doing it again.

If you procrastinate a few times, immediately blame yourself, remorse, and despair. This is the most important thing, no one can immediately change. What you can do is work in this direction, get closer than better, as long as you don’t stop, you are the best.

What exactly should we do?

Tell yourself after procrastination that you won’t get any changes and take action now!

Every time you procrastinate, you are wasting your efforts


When you have any excuse to procrastinate, tell yourself “I’ll do it for another 15 minutes and it’ll be over soon.”

Schedule important tasks at the best time.

For someone who can’t get up early, if you ask yourself to get up and work/study at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, which is impossible to achieve. Or you have a habit to a nap, if you tell yourself to take nap time to learn, you will faintly asleep when you read all those pieces of information.

Do the right thing at the right time.

Set short-term goals and break down operational tasks. Compare unplanned task sheets to see how much time you’ve used to accomplish your goals.

Procrastination will not be solved all at once, just like a late waker cannot get up early immediately, it must be gradual, after many mornings struggles, adjust to the state of getting up on time.

We need to set goals for ourselves, practice our ability to act, give ourselves a short-term goal to see the results of our efforts during this time.

The non-schedule can give you a clearer idea of your day’s itinerary, and it’s important to make it clear how much time you’ve spent on your goals, so you can avoid unnecessary self-doubt and get yourself right.