Don’t stand at current height to judge your future, because you will have new choices and judgments in the future!

Often see a lot of biographies of celebrities, excel since they were young, big ambition, but in fact, the reality is not all like this.

Many people are in the struggle to gradually determine their own life goals, at any time, their life goals change based on the environment, their hobbies change according to their own ability, social needs, the influence of people around them changing their aspirations.

“People should have the goal of life: a lifetime goal, a period of time goals, a stage goal, a yearly goal, a goal for one minute.” This passage also fully tells us that people’s specific ideals are not static.

We all have our own ideals and goals, but some people’s goals are more ambitious, and some people’s goals are more realistic, some people working hard towards their own goals every day with strong self-discipline, while some people have set a practical goal, but their time was occupied by boring mobile phones, computers, no determination, and perseverance to adhere to their ideals.

One of my colleagues, who was a very ordinary technician, worked hard to get a first-class constructor, giving him the opportunity to be a project manager, and after he becomes the manager, he chose to start his own business, and now he has registered to set up a labor subcontracting construction company. 

Last year when we met, he not only bought a house, also equipped with an off-road vehicle, and the company received more and more projects. At first, I would not have thought that he would go to start a business, because when he was with us at that time, I really do not see anything special about him, at least just like a large number of college students, do whatever the employer asks for.

But he has a characteristic, that is, as long as he sets a small goal for himself, he will achieve it in any case. A lot of small goals slowly become a big goal.

Therefore, we just need to seize today, today hard work to have confidence in tomorrow, because the height we look at tomorrow has been different. Work hard this month, we have more confidence in the next month. In this way, our hard work this year will certainly return next year.



The ability of a person has the possibility of infinite stretching. Firmly believe in this, facing the future, you can describe your own ideals of life.

Suffering and success are tests, suffering will not be endless, of course, luck will not last forever.

As long as we strive to exceed our goals every day, the height of our lives will be different every day.

Just like some articles that say, if you feel that last year’s work is ok, it means you are going back, only when you think of how stupid and incompetent you are last year, can show that you are progressing now.

Set your goals, and then work hard, don’t worry about your future, because in the future we will have new choices and judgments! Believe that all efforts will not be wasted.

The colder the winter, the more the cherry blossoms bloom. The same goes to people, without experiencing pain and trouble, it is difficult to have great development, and not able to seize the real happiness.