Don’t give up this second, so that hope is in the next second!

When you are tired, do not push yourself but do not give up, cry it out loud is also good, or drinks with your friends until dawn, or go to a quiet café, exchange your stress with your friends, don’t try to carry the huge pressure alone.

No matter how abundant a person’s energy is, there is always the moment of exhaustion. The people working in the office building every day, when the night falls, some go to the bar, some go to the Karaoke, some go home bath and sleep, all in all, there is always a suitable way for you to release your stress.

When you shed tears because you are too tired, what’s left is just the persistence.

Be confident in your choice, if you don’t give up this second, hope will appear as a surprise the next second.

Those who are successful on the surface, you won’t know how much sweat he/she shed behind his/her back, and how much effort he/she put in.

Efforts are a kind of upward attitude towards life, strive to achieve your own value in life, adhere your efforts for your own goals and even if there is no success in the end, at least you have tried. The road of life is far away, look at your footprints along the way, so that you won’t waste this life.

The most important and reliable thing in life is to keep working hard and don’t give up.

don't give up


Life outside of work

These few days have been busy with work.

After work, just want to go home and lie down, watch videos, and don’t want to do anything else.

Have been warning myself to work on my post and other side hustles, but still haven’t done any of these.

Because I’m busy, that’s what I said to myself in my heart.

But am I that busy or it is just an excuse?

In fact, a lot of times, I don’t have to take the work back home, I can finish it at the office before coming back home, or I can do it tomorrow.

In fact, at home, I can research a new idea to write on, the number of videos to watch can be reduced.

Life really can’t only have just the work, besides, it is a job that doesn’t bring you a lot of wealth.

During rest time, learn more about the knowledge of work, look for other ways to get multiple incomes, and perhaps have a better chance of achieving financial freedom.

The company’s work will never be finished, back home must continue to learn, and strive to improve yourself, the task from the company can do it during working hour.

(Just some random thought that I wish to give myself)