Don’t expect others to make decisions for you, your feelings will tell you everything.

Everyone will have inner conflict when they are unsure of their ideas. Don’t expect other people to make a choice for you.

In this case, some people will start to look at the outside world, hoping that someone can make a decision for themselves.

Some people look for “teacher” for help; some people do all kinds of tests, some people look for friends to talk to.

It has to be said that when people give their own decisions to others, it is often too easy to believe what others say. Especially when you get negative feedback, you will get panic.

So, if people ask me to make a decision for them, I won’t do it for them, but I’ll ask: “What do you really want?”

In fact, no one in the world knows you better than yourself, and all the answers are in your mind.

Instead of giving your strength and destiny to others, ask yourself what you want.

How can you make a choice that suits you if you don’t even know what you want?

People’s deep-rooted beliefs are the cause of all contradictions and suffering.

Don't expect other people to make choice for you. Do it yourself


Don’t easily give up on things.

Every reason you try to convince yourself to give up a choice often has a misunderstanding that you don’t realize.

For example, many people will always use money to measure a choice, the thought of money, often repel many people.

The misconception here is that many people mistakenly believe that money is preventing themselves from getting something, but they don’t know that it is their beliefs that prevent what they want.

For the same dream of yearning to travel, some people think they have no money, must work hard to save money before they can go travel, and some people through work and travel, VLOG while traveling and other ways to travel abroad leisurely.

So money is not a reason to give up a choice.

If you give up, it just means you don’t really want it.

Ask yourself, what do you really want?

Sometimes people find that they really don’t need much. Sometimes people feel that they still want something.

If you really want, you must be willing to break through the stuck point in your mind, identify what is stopping you, and what is the truth behind it?

The famous writer Paul Coelho said in his popular “The Alchemist” that “If you want something, the whole universe will work together to help you achieve your wishes”.

So, if you really want something, don’t just find a reason to give up. Think about it, is there any other way you can get it besides money? If the solution isn’t what you think, then what would it be?

When faced with a choice, your inner feelings will tell you everything.

Many times, no matter how tangled you are, once you go back to the beginning, a lot of things will be clear.

So when you can’t make a choice, try the following:

1-Think back why you have such thought

See what is the starting point behind each choice, and do you really need it?

2-Listen to your feelings

Ask yourself how you’d feel if you made any choice. If you feel bad and still do it, you’ll only experience more bad feelings.

3- Identify the stuck points

When you want to give up a choice, see what is reluctant in your heart, what is preventing you from choosing it?

4- What else is possible?

If all the options make you feel bad, think about what else is possible? You’ll have your answer.