Don’t be pessimistic, life will always give us an exit.

The misfortunes of life often give us a punch, causing us in a daze, but don’t be pessimistic, life will always give us an exit.

Have a relationship that makes others envy, but suddenly break up. Not willing to accept, sad, depressed, but still can not solve the problem, or can not redeem that love;

The problems encountered during work, not only to bring financial pressure but also affect future career planning. No countermeasure and no confidence, how to continue the next stage in life?

Such confusion and overwhelmed, let oneself overstretched, can not see the meaning and hope of life;

Suffering from cancer, destroy a person’s life, making more trouble for the family’s life. When facing such a serious illness, where is the exit of life? Is it only waiting for death to come?

Pessimism, disappointment, and even despair, all around them, exhausted, can not see the value and meaning of living;

In fact, life is like this, always a problem stacked with another problem, sometimes we can easily deal with it, sometimes we will be helpless.

But life still goes on, and all we can do is find the exit.

don’t be pessimistic


From the development point of view, when facing the misfortune in life, we should not be so pessimistic, because life will always give us an exit.

We sometimes hate those “motivation article/video”, but these motivation article/video still has a role, it will make us physically stronger.

Emotional is the state that each of us will have, “see it”, is the first step to find the exit in life.

For complaints or grievances in life, we should allow ourselves to vent.

That is to say, when we find the exit of life, the first thing is to vent our emotions, so that we can return to our state of inner balance.

Like those who fall out of love, it is normal for pain and sadness. If you don’t have this emotion, it means that the breakup is just as you wish, but it’s a good thing.

However, many people in a relationship, will not be so calm after breaking up, and then the negative emotions appear is normal, and releasing this emotion is also a good thing.

The second step in finding the exit in life is to believe that there is an exit.

That is to say, we have to have this belief that life will be better.

This thought is not to be blindly optimistic, but to tell yourself from the bottom of your heart that the worst days are over. Like patients with cancer, it seems to them that this is the bottom of their life, and that life will not be worse than this.

From this point of view, life from this onward will be relatively better.

When we have this belief, this belief is the exit of life.

Those who are hopeless and desperate, the reason they choose to give up their lives is that they don’t have that belief.

I believe that more people will be able to find that belief when facing life difficulties, that is, the exit of life.

An action that matches faith is the third and crucial step in the exit of life.

If we want this belief to become a reality, we need to put it into action, and this action will substantially change the state of our lives.

Just as those who are lovelorn are freed from their pain, it is because they have started a new life.

This new life can be looking for another person you love, or you can put your energy into life, as long as you take action, the exit of life is just around the corner.

Then there are those who have bottlenecks in their jobs, they either change their minds to plan their careers or follow the status quo to improve their skills, and those who have been devastated, who have the belief that they will accept reality and will be positive about everything in life, and that the real action is to get life slowly on track.


Don’t be pessimistic, life will always give us an exit.

As mentioned above, the “three-steps” is the step we find the exit of life.

And these can be seen as a cycle of life: When face trouble in life, find a life exit; when encounter trouble again, find an exit again.

This is the process of our growing up, that is to say, each of us is in this process of coping with life, slowly mature to become a physically and mentally sound person.

In that sense, we also have gratitude for the misfortunes of life, because they allow us to grow and mature.

But this is not to say that we must deliberately find the predicament of life, to “exercise” ourselves, that situation is “self-abuse.”

As Frankel said, “suffering is not a necessity for the meaning of life.” Because it seems to him that if suffering can be avoided, then the reason for eliminating it is something that makes sense.

Suffering from unnecessary suffering is not so much a heroic act, but self-abuse.

But when we are in pain, what we need is to deal with it and find the exit of life.

In addition to the above “three-steps” strategy, we also need to consciously find the exit of life.

Sometimes, the exit of this life may be a smile from strangers, or it may be a happy moment when seeing a couple of lovers walking, or a small bee on the side of the road, that is to say, we should be good at discovering the beauty of life.

Because these small good things may be the exit in our life when we face trouble.

Even the smallest happiness in life will let us see the hope and beauty of life, believe that we can have that such a good moment, as long as we try to find it.

Like a patient with cancer, receive a sudden call from an old friend who had not seen for a long time and said he was coming to visit might be a reason for that patient to live.

Because there are always people who care about you and love you.


When faced with the difficulties and setbacks in life, we take a moment, don’t be so eager to conclude that “I cannot do this, I am a loser, there is no way.”

Because time will give us strength, let us reflect on our own behavior, and then find the exit of life.

Like those who think they have no hope because of cancer, through the help of time, not only see a lot of patients survive, but also see the development of medical technology, and then see the hope of life, and these are the exit of life.

In short, when facing the various misfortunes of life, don’t be pessimistic, because life will always find us an exit.

“When the storm is over, you won’t remember how you survived. You’re not even sure the storm is really over. But one thing is certain: when you go through the storm, you are no longer the same person. That’s all about the storm.”