Don’t be lazy just because there are tomorrow

A good friend in college was complaining about his life to me. He said recently he does not know what is wrong with him, began to be depressed, want to change but there is a powerless feeling.

He says, every Sunday before going to bed, he has decided to start working in a new way, but the next day he sits at his desk and overwhelmed by a pile of trivia. After work, he will comfort himself, “Just start tomorrow, I’m really busy today.”

He also decided to make good use of after-hours time to recharge himself and constantly improve his ability. However, every time coming back home in the crowded subway, he has long been tiring, and tell himself just relax a day, and start again tomorrow.

He asked me, “Do you experienced such a state?”

Of course, I think everyone will go through this state, just more or less.

For me, when I was just joining college, I always feel that graduation is still far away, but when the last year of college came, many people will have such feelings: “I thought I have a good college time, enrich myself.”

We always tell ourselves not to waste time, still, we are still wasting our time.

I have a friend who is the kind of person who always says they want to lose weight and exercise but always use “do it tomorrow” as an excuse.

This is the last overeating, tomorrow must exercise. But every time he sees food, he will still eat and drink, the “lose weight task” has been forgotten.

Suddenly one day, don’t know what impact he had, he came to me. He said when he was walking down the road today, he feels like countless eyes are looking at him at his back all the time…

So, I said to him, “If there is really no tomorrow, I think we will stop wandering”

In fact, more or less, I can understand this feeling, clearly their determination to change like the waves in the sea, but day after day watching the time and silver-like white flowers flow away, lamenting the next day but continued the old life again.



At this time, we began to question our own efforts, questioning our own various, when the gap began to gradually become bigger, we are still trapped in the confusion, maybe distressed for a while, maybe confused for a lifetime.

When you are 18 years old, going to college, people ask you what your ideal is, you say travel around the world.

When you are 22 years old after college, you said you want to find a job first then only go travel.

When you are 26 years old, have a stable job, you said you wanted to buy a house first.

When you are 30 years old, have a car and a house, you said you wanted to wait until marriage and then bring your wife to go together.

When you are 35 years old, have a child, you say you wanted to wait until your child is a little older and then only go.

But in the end, you didn’t really go anywhere.

The pursuit of their inner desire is the real hero.

In fact, to be such a hero, the most difficult is not the persistent pursuit, but whether to find their own inner real needs.

I always believed that what I went through when I was young would be my way forward.

What I want to say is that if you really know what you want to do, knowing that curled up in bed feels warmer, but still gets up early. Knowing that losing weight is not easy, but will still be strict requirements of their own implementation.

Knowing that it’s easier to do nothing, but still choose to chase your dreams.

This is life, everyone must stick to it.

In fact, a lot of times, we are always thinking about a better future, but do not understand that no better future without current effort.

None of us has much time to be easily wasted.

Besides, tomorrow and accident, we won’t know which one will come first.

You just have to work hard to live the day of the moment and leave the rest to the time.