Don’t be disappointed with yourself, let alone disappointed with this world

We have come to this world with great hardship, we can’t be regret for not achieving our goals. So, you have to be brave to love, hate, and cry;

These things, this life, you will go through it again.

Don’t too worry about the future, we can’t bear the immediate vulnerable.

Don’t look back too much, and also do not worry too much about the future, able to live today happily is also good enough.

Don’t be disappointed with yourself, let alone disappointed with the world.

People this life always have to go through some ups and downs, as long as you are not discouraged, don’t back down, you will certainly be able to achieve your compensation, as you wish.

The best relationship between people, is not about knowing what to say, not about endless conversation; it is about when I need it the most, turn around you are still there; when you are sad, I am still in front of you.

Many times, contradictions, disputes, separation, are because too close to each other, too close to each other sometimes is a disaster.

So, whoever you are with, keep your distance. Those who can stand the distance are always in a better relationship.

disappointed with yourself


 In short, not far, not near, although far away, but deep down is intimate, independent of each other, thinking about each other… Just good, each other have their own space.

The easier it is to get something, the less cherish about that thing, the more you don’t get something, the more tumultuous it is.

Always pampered is always arrogant, not always get the secret.

Struggle, work hard, okay? I always think it is better than depravity, decadence because all happiness comes from hard work.

There has never been a right to do this in this world, nor is it a chance and if, I believe, only through my own sweat, tears, I can realize my dream of life.

The more you grow up, the more vexed you’ve experienced, the more you want to go back to young ignorance. Simplicity and happiness, these two words, which will never be seen again in the adult world.

Why are we working so hard? Why should we fight more than that? Because of the demand for things too precious, beautiful things are difficult to get, and many more …

We strive to pursue, only to achieve the dream.

Been through a lot of things, seen a lot of people, seen how rugged it is to see through the world.

A lot of things in life are not easily achievable, but all the results are our future priceless treasure.

Life is not as indestructible as you think, but it is not that fragile, as long as you can cherish, take efforts, do not waste, cherish your own body, you will still have unlimited beauty.

You only live once, since you are alive, might as well live a good life, the world is quite worth it! Don’t be disappointed with yourself, it’s worth your life!